It was dark, damp, and cold. My body felt numb; I couldn't even feel the ground beneath me. I looked around, but saw nothing. I scrambled to my feet, the damp air causing me to breath heavily. "Hello?" I called, but I got no answer. "What is going on?" I whispered. There was a sudden burst of light; it was so bright that I had to look away.

"Rosalie," a voice called to me. I unshielded my eyes to find my sister standing there; she wore a white dress that flowed all around her.

"Eirena? Is…is that you?" I chocked out as the tears pooled up in my eyes.

She nodded as I ran towards her at the speed of light. I wrapped my arm around her waist, crying uncontrollably. She stroked my hair as she hugged me tightly. "I've missed you," she whispered.

I pulled away from her, and looked into her deep golden eyes. "How is this possible? Is this a dream?" I asked her admiring her long brown curls.

She sighed. "It is a dream, but it is also real, it is very hard to explain. Rose, something very bad is about to happen, and the only ones who can stop it are you and Alex. When those guards shot, and killed me it was because it was meant to happen. I know you think it was your fault, but I knew what I was doing. I was sent to give you a message, so listen carefully," I saw a bit of worry in her facial expression. "As you know you and Alex were born with special gifts, but there is more then meets the eyes. Right now you have the power of reading minds, and Alex has the power of healing, but you hold much greater power. You are about to go on a very dangerous quest, but it is a risk you must take for the world is depending on you. I must go now, I love you," she said beginning to fade away.

"No! Please don't leave!" I yelled, but it was no use, she was gone. Black dots then began to invade my vision, and I lost all feeling in my body. I collapsed to the ground when the darkness completely took me over.

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