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She wakes up haunted, with the lies her parents told her circling in her head. She gathers all her strength and gets out of her bed. She walks to the bathroom, brushes her blonde, and pulls it into a simply ponytail for work. Today was Saturday her busiest day. She works as a horse back riding instructor at a near by horse farm. She loves the job, but she feels she left everyone down. She doesn't eat breakfast again, and instead goes right to her car and leaves her home. As she drives down the dirt road that leads to the farm, she can't help but worry about the people at the farm. She was supposed to be at the farm's Christmas party last night. She never showed up. She has trouble keeping her promises to people. It's the way she grew up.

Her parents could never keep their promises and now they own many people a ton of money. She may have to drop out of college to help pay off their debt. Her mother is faking cancer again to try to get sympathy money from people to pay off their debt. She doesn't want to admit it, but her mother is delusional. She gets to the horse farm as 8:30. Her first lesson isn't till 9:30. A girl that works in the stable asks her why she didn't go to the party. She lies and says that she was ill and couldn't make it. The girl figures out she's lying at goes back to cleaning the horse stalls.

She sighs at lounges around in the room wear all the tack is kept until her lesson at 9:30. The little girl arrives and has a good lesson. But she didn't think it was good enough. She shouted at the little girl and overwhelmed to the point where the little girl was crying. She felt very bad, but she didn't know how to control her temper. A few lessons later, her favorite student arrived for her lesson at 11:30. She rode beautifully which was a breath of fresh air to her. She walked the girl back down to the stable and decided to lie in the tack room until 1:30.

She soon over heard the girl's father talking to the owner of the farm. He asked why she wasn't the party last night. The owner said, "You can never tell about her. She say one thing and does another. She is here one minute and gone the next. She can't keep a promise, but that is just the way she was raised." She started to cry because what she said was true. She can't keep promises, She can't keep anyone's trust. She slumps against the wall, closes and locks the door. She presses her ear against the door to see if she can hear anything else. She hear her favorite student ask about her.

"What was that all about daddy?" The girl asked.

"Well your teacher comes from a dysfunctional family. Her parents owe a whole bunch of people money and now her mother is faking cancer in order to get money. You shouldn't blame her for her behavior. It's that way she was raised." He replied.

"It all makes sense now. She doesn't keep her promises because she doesn't know how. She doesn't leave a very good first impression because of that. She connects with children better than adults because they are innocent, but bad as times like her. She doesn't' know how to connect with adults since she thinks they are all just like her parents. I feel bad for her and I'll try to do everything to make her feel better." The girl said.

She hears the girl leave with her father. She can't stand to be hear anymore so she bursts out of the tack room, writes a quick note telling everyone she'll be going till 3:00, and drove away from the farm. She drove to the simple downtown of the small town she lives in. She walks down the sidewalk, through the town filled with the Christmas spirit. Horse carriages trotting on the streets, little children sitting on Santa's lap telling him what they want, people from the Salvation Army collecting donations, and lights on the shops the plants, and the light posts. She gets on one of the horse carriages and it takes her to the Christmas tree in the middle of town. She sees a homeless man with no coat or gloves, sitting by the Christmas tree gazing at it.

She walks up to him and asks if he is cold or hungry. He nods his head slowly and tell her that he'll be fine. She sees an opportunity to keep a promise. She tells the man that she'll be right back and adds the words she never says, "I promise", at the end of a sentence. She runs into a clothing store and buys a very warm coat and some gloves. She runs into a restaurant and buys a warm meal of ham, green beans, macaroni and cheese, and a roll to go. Before returning to the tree, she buys a dozen warm chocolate chip cookies at a local bakery. She returns to the tree and gives the man everything she bought. He is in shock and tells her it's too much. She shakes her head and says that she wanted to give him a nice Christmas meal. The man smiles and offers her one of the cookies she bought him. She takes it out of kindness, shakes the man's hand, and walks back to her car. On the way back, she give 50 dollars the Salvation Army for the people in need. She gets in her car and drives back to the farm. As she drives, she can't help but think of why she did all that. Was it an impulse or a drive to make people happy? She even kept her promise.

This shocks her so much that she pulls over on the side on the road and puts her head on the steering wheel. She starts to cry tears of joy and hope. She kept a promise. Maybe that wasn't that last one. Maybe she can make more promises and keep them. She decided in her car that she wasn't going to let her parent's mistakes affect her anymore. She would break her family's curse. And she did that today with a simple act of kindness.

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