A series of short stories.

Based on events that may or may not happen in the future

Names have been exchanged for nick names for confidentiality purposes

Munching on a pockey stick, the 17 year old, crossplaying as Reno, looked around the foyer. Cosplayers of all degrees stood around talking. Wincing at some of the worse ones, she turned to her older sister.

Said older sister was cosplaying as Paine and had the irritated/pissed off look down to an art form. Of course, it was her usual expression when in the presence of assholes (in this case, idiots who wanted to hook up a YRP with her) to warn them away. It unfortunately had the opposite effect here but all was well when the Reno crossplayer started waving around her Night Stick and telling them to buzz off.

They were waiting for a friend who was cosplaying as Rikku and likely would not be able to recognize them. A rather well done Rikku cosplayer walked up beside the duo, looked around, huffed and whipped out her cell phone. She dialed a number and waited for the other to pick up.

At that point, the older sister's cell phone began to ring. She picked it up answering with a casual 'Yo.'

The Rikku sighed and confessed, "Alright, I give up. Where are you two?"

Recognizing the voice and face now, the Reno crossplayer began to giggle. This soon escalated to full blown laughter and both the Rikku and the Paine were now staring at her. After a moment, the girl managed to straighten, wiping a tear away.

She turned to the Rikku with a full blown, rather Reno-esque grin, "Hey Rikku."