Ko looked up from her book just in time to get the majority of the resulting splash directly on her face. "…Rikku, you have exactly five seconds to vacate the premises before I go and get that dual blade knife Paine got me for Christmas." Ko calmly told the other girl once she'd resurfaced.

Rikku froze, looked over to her friend, assessed her level of seriousness –and then dunked under the water again quickly swimming away. Kitty and Crow watched somewhat amusedly as Ko twitched, gently laid her book on the table, and then made a running jump dive into the pool. The ensuing water fight only ended when both girls had dunked each other no less than five times, and even then, that was only because they were too busy choking on chlorinated water to continue.

"Out of curiosity, do you enjoy the taste of chlorine?" Crow asked Ko as she helped the girl out of the pool. Ko's only answer was to growl menacingly at the other girl's shit eating grin and then hock up some of the chlorine taste still in her mouth.

Kitty dragged herself out of the pool hacking up the same taste and adding "I hate the taste of chlorine! Which is why my pool is treated by significantly better tasting stuff." She chirped cheerfully.

Ko's glare could have sent lesser mortals to the Underworld. Kitty, having probably already visited at some point, was unaffected beyond cringing away from the somewhat homicidal girl. "Kitty, your pool tastes like saltwater and dries out my skin enough to make it flake. I'll take chlorine any day as long as I don't have to deal with," she paused here to shudder over dramatically, "lotion."

Paine walked out from the sun porch, wielding a plate of uncooked hotdogs, "You just don't like that it has to be rubbed in and that it kinda makes your skin sticky otherwise." She deadpanned, handing out the hotdog stakes and setting down the plate to select the wood for the fire pit.

In revenge for that comment, Ko did not say anything but she did blow in her sister's face. And then ran away for dear life as Paine turned to claw at where she just was. Ko stuck her tongue out at her from behind Rikku who was attempting to get out of the way.