This is a love story. It's also about arguments, and life. Every day happenings. The view into my relationship with all the ups and downs.

I met Max when I was nineteen. I thought he was the most handsome man I had ever laid eyes on. I don't believe in love at first sight, but I definitely felt those butterflies that were turning my stomach upside down and very chaotic. I first saw him at a local coffee shop. I was with a bunch of girlfriends but I knew the second he walked in. He was the opposite of my type but once I saw his strong body leaning across the door frame as he walked in, I knew that I would be seeing him more than once.

Our eyes locked that day. My light blue ones with his sizzling green pair. My belly flipped over and I sent him a small smile. He never smiled but just continued to stare at me. I felt naked, as though he could see my soul with his gaze. I was intrigued. He placed his order and went to sit down with a newspaper while he waited for it. I tried to pay attention to my friends but I continued trying to catch a glimpse of him.

After a while we were ready to leave and I knew I couldn't stay there all day. Before long he would catch me looking at him and be weirded out by me. I didn't know if he felt this instant connection or if it was just me. As we were stood up and began walking to the door I reached the table he was sitting at. I prepared to go right past it but his arm shot out and he grabbed my hand. His thumb stroked my palm as I tried to hold in a gasp. I realized my reaction was getting ridiculous. Just his finger touching my sent such hot heat down my arm.

"What's your name?" he asked me. His voice was a surprise. Strong, masculine, seductive and gritty.

I grabbed onto his hand firmly and bent down to whisper in his ear, "Wouldn't you like to know?" Without another word I walked out of the shop with my friends. I had hoped I left enough of an impression for him to want to find out more and I had remained somewhat of a mystery. I had a feeling we would meet again and very soon at that.