Enjoy! Just a one shot drabble that i had to write down so i thought why not share it with you guys!

"Yuki." His voice was warm and loving, He smiled and hugged me tight before taking the last bite of my ice cream.

"Shou! I was gonna eat that!" He smiled before pecking me lightly on the lips.

"There now you can have a taste!" I liked my lips and sure enough there was still a trace of the cookies and cream ice cream.

"Hey!" We both turned to the window. Shou was knocking on it. His face was annoyed and looked like he was in a hurry. "Wake up!" he yelled.

I turned to the Shou was I was sitting with. He was still smiling as if seeing two of them was perfectly normal. Then his smile slowly faded away and turned into a blank stare, then he was completely gone.

The Shou at the window still knocked and yelled. My eyes popped open and I found myself lying in Shou's car. I rubbed my eyes and looked to the window Shou was annoyed and I guess in my sleep I must have pressed the lock button.

I smiled to him and he rolled his eyes before smiling back. Then a pair of arms slinked around his waist and Shou lit up like a Christmas tree. Megumi smiled before the two shared a kiss. I sighed and unlocked the doors before running my fingers through my hair. My dream hadn't been real. He was still with her. I didn't have anything against Megumi she was my best friend after all. They both were ( I met Shou first and then Megumi later) and I guess I'm to blame for setting them up, if it wasn't for me they wouldn't have gotten together.

Megumi slid in the drivers seat and Shou tapped on my window again. He raised his eyebrows and motioned with his head for me to get out and go in the back seat. I did as he wanted and watched as the two held hands while Megumi drove us back home. Shou never let anyone drive the truck, it was his truck he had built from the tires up and he loved every inch of it. To let Megumi drive meant that he had loved her a lot, even more than me.

"Yah, Shou what are you doing put me down!" Megumi yelled as Shou slung her over his shoulder and twirled her around. They were right outside her house and I was waiting in the car, Shou was my only ride home. We shared an apartment for years along with one of our other close friends, which meant that I had to witness this or walk home. As he leaned down to kiss her I felt myself get out of the car and start to walk home. When they started kissing it took a while to break them apart and there was no way I was going to sit through that.

I texted him saying that I would walk because I wanted some fresh air. When I reached home an hour later there was no sign of Shou and Jun said he had a date so I wasn't expecting him to come until midnight or later.

I sighed and settled on the couch and switch on the TV. Soon I found myself falling asleep to the sounds of the television.

"YUKI! Wake up!" Shou's voice filled ears and instantly I rose out of my slumber, he had the effect on me, I knew I had to fix that. Being in love with your best friend's boyfriend was wrong even if you loved him before she did.

"What time is it?" I yawned and Shou quickly checked his watch.

"It's only 1AM, but that's beside the point!"

"Where's Jun is he back yet?" By the tone of his voice, the way his pupils were dilated. The way his face was blushing a deep red.

"I did it! I finally worked up the courage to ask her to marry me!" My worst nightmare was coming true.

I sat up slightly and Shou sat down next to me. He took one of my hands and squeezed it. "I can't believe she said yes. For a while I thought maybe she would say no since we're only 20 and all but when she didn't I became the happiest man in the world."

I flashed him a fake smile and Shou gave me the brightest smile I had ever seen. He was happy, that's all that mattered.

"Congrats, when do you plan on getting married?" I honestly didn't even want to know, maybe I would pretend to be on an important business trip and not make the wedding. And when they had kids and asked me to be the god mother I would tell them traveling for work didn't give me the amount of time needed to be a godmother before begging for more overtime from my boss.

"Next year. How would you feel if Megumi moved in next week. I wasn't going to tell you or Jun but I figured you guys had a right to know. She'd stay in my room of course that way she wouldn't need to sleep on the couch!" I didn't answer the question and instead I got up from the couch and headed into my room. muttering an "I'm tired."

I cried when I knew for sure that Shou was in his room and sleeping. Jun came in my room later that morning and nodded his head knowingly.

"You're going to move out right?"

I nodded my head under the sheets and muttered a yes.

"Make sure to visit me then. I'll make sure they're not here when you do." I smiled. Jun always knew what to say.

I moved out the day after and headed to a new apartment closer to my work that way Shou wouldn't question why. As I was heading back from the grocery store I saw a familiar figure.

Megumi was walking down the street looking all happy and kissing the cheek of a man before going for his lips. I wasn't able to see his face clearly because of the people. I figured it was Shou. When the crowd moved I was shocked to find that wasn't the case.

Megumi noticed me staring and her face became pale.

"YUKI WAIT!" I didn't even know I ran. She caught up to me her eyes shifty and concerned.

"You have to promise that you wouldn't say anything to Shou. Come on you're my best friend."

"That didn't stop you from taking Shou from me." I felt a sharp pain on my cheek and Megumi smirked. She had hit me.

"It's not my fault you he choose me over you. After all who wouldn't." Her mean side was showing. "Tell and you're dead." She left soon after and I felt myself black out.

When I awoke I was in Shou's apartment and Shou was looking at me as he wiped my forehead with a damp cloth. His eyes concerned and worried. Even so I could tell he was sad. Something was wrong.

"Good you're awake."

"What happened?" I blunted out and Shou sighed.

"I think Megumi' s cheating on me. I've have this feeling for a while now. I thought that if I asked her to marry me it might stop but the other day when I found you lying in the street I saw her with another man." Tear began forming in his eyes and soon fell on his face. I wiped them away with my finger.

"How long was I out for?"

"Two days. The doctor said you weren't sleeping well and were over stressed. I told you to stop editing your photo's until late but you didn't listen." he teased.

"You're still going to marry her aren't you?"

"She's my life. Even though she cheats she will always be the love of my life and no one else can change that."

I had to let go. It was for my own good.

"Who knows maybe when we have kids she'll be more faithful, like how you are. Of course you have to be the godmother. Don't give me any of that bull shit about traveling either."

He knew me to well. "Sure..." I managed to squeak out and Shou smiled.

"You know I love you right?" he said and I nodded my head before lying back down in Jun's bed.

"I love you too." I said as he left the room only earning a chuckled from him.

I love you Shou and I wish you the best. When you get married I will stay by your side because I love you. I will put my feeling aside and move on.

I heard Megumi squeals in the other room before Shou's laugh.

"I love you Shou. I really do." I said whispering my confession to no one before drifting back to sleep. And that's how it was going to be. Shou would never know how I really felt.

"I love you Yuki. It's sad it had to turn out this way." I thought I heard Shou say. It was probably just a dream again. It had to be.

How was it? Was wondering if i should make this into a regular story but it turned out as a one shot instead. If you want me to make it into a short story let me know! If you hate it let me know cause either way i get feedback! Chibchilla out!