Who am I?
Well, who are you?
I don't know me.
Are you me too?
I don't know.
Can I sit?
You mean you're tired?
I don't know shit.
That's really sad.
Yeah, can I go?
Where will you stay?
I still don't know.
You know I have an extra bed.
Did you think the thought that I just said?
I guess it was not for me to say.
You mean you won't just go away?
You see kind sir, you can't escape me.
Are you the one I see in my dreams?
It's fall and all the leaves are gray.
It's your time to die.
You mean today?
Ask yourself that again when you wake.
I'm asleep right now?
For heaven's sake.
I have another question I must ask.
You know the dream with the mirror and mask.
When I take it off and look at me.
I'm not the one that I see.
What does this mean?
Can you help me?
That depends on what it is you see?
In the mirror, I see another man instead.
He controls the voice inside my head.
You only let people see what you want them to see.
The real you is still trapped underneath.
That does make sense now that I think about it.
Am I waking up?
Oh god. Oh shit.
"But what about the mask?", I almost scream.
You should ask yourself. It is your dream.
After he said that he walked away.
And I woke up to greet the day.

The dream still fresh, but loosing steam.
What can all of this mean?
Do I not know who I am?
Or do I know myself so well I live inside my head?
I just don't know what reality is.
Fuck it. I'd rather be dreaming instead.