The water danced between my fingers and lungs. Capturing my last piece of life, my last breath. I did not struggle as the current took me down below to the rivers floor. Flashy greens and blues danced passed my eyes.

My lungs burned.

My instincts went out of control and shouted at me to get up to land, go up to receive oxygen. For the need to breathe was too much but I stood my ground and went deeper into the dark abyss.

My vision darkened.

I knew my death was coming soon as the water in me sloshed side to side, destroying everything within. My only regret in life was you dying because of my idiocy.

My body felt heavy.

People usually see their life pass before their eyes. Or an unusual bright light urging them to walk forward. I didn't, instead I saw your death disappear from my memory and I welcomed death with open arms.

My lips felt yours.