Something so right, it has to be wrong

Cliché after cliché all the night long

You've heard it before, but yet I press on

With lame come on after lame come on

I'm the man who wasn't held enough as a child

It's just in my nature to be sexist and vile

My sexual fortitude is bigger than yours

I'm banging bitches and scoring with whores

I will walk by a broad and grab her behind

I will beat up the weak and feeble of mind

If you dare me to do something I cannot say no

The rush of adrenaline will make my cock grow

I'll show all of you losers who has the biggest balls

My golden phallus will break through your walls

It will penetrate to the depths of your cave

I might even, if time permits, a life save

I'm a macho man, you know me well

And if you don't know me allow me to tell

You a story about who I think I am

I'm not just another cro magnon man

I'm the alpha male, the leader of my pack

I'm the shit, you see, and you're all whack

But here are a few secrets I keep just for me

If you sleep with me, you might catch an STD

But really it's your own fault for not knowing

Where my dick has been, before you start blowing

This next little thing I've been trying so hard to conceal

I lack originality or a purpose; I'm just trying to be real

If I don't go hard and do what is expected of me

They might find I'm turning quite green with penis envy

You see, I'm not the man that I like you to believe

Like that nappy ass hair you say isn't a weave

Oops , there I go again trippin' on you

No sex for so long, my balls are now blue

I have just one more thing to add before I say goodbye

If you're ever with a man like me, ask yourself, "why?"