I used to think that I liked to play
Just fuck with your head when I may
Watch you squirm to turn me on
No inner voice to stop the con

I made you believe that I cared for you
Made you believe my lies were true
I used to think it was just my thing
Doing all I could to make it sting

Now bleed for me while I bleed for you
And give up all you thought you knew
I tell you now, I won't lie to you
And when I bleed, I bleed through you

I was wrong in the past to mindfuck you
I still don't know why I do what I do
This sick perversion became an obsession
Thinking that in some way you'd learn a lesson

It was never my place to make it known
Knuckle crack skin, still flesh and bone
Fragile minds thinking at a dangerous pace
She's trying her best to conceal her face

She knows if she lets me see her eyes
A part of herself she has left behind
Changes the season; Wilts and dies
And when she breaks, my tears she cries

Now bleed for me while I bleed for you
And trust in everything we've been through
I tell you now, I can't lie to you
And when I breathe, I breathe through you

Nothing will ever change how you feel
I need you to know that it was real
As I yell to you from outside your wall
What once were all lies are now none at all