Inoculated, and yet you disease me

You're seeping into me through the cracks

Breaking my spinal column and tearing away at my flesh

Meshed together, entwined in my hardened veins

Restricting my blood flow as I become nauseous again

Ravenous hunger for my salty skin makes you weak

Now is my chance to break the chains that bind me

Rip apart your carcass and eat the maggots that crawl onto me

Drink the blood of the one I love and swallow her half hearted apologies

Vomiting starves the hunger as I become desolate again

Your insatiable lust for all things malevolent makes me a target

You dig your nails into me and scour my pulp for marks

Slashing away at my neck and licking it so tastelessly

Breached skin dries upon your venomous tongue

Blacken my lungs as I become irrelevant again

Enigmatic, and yet you're as bare as they fucking come

You're beaten, and battered, and altogether worn

Damp, moist sheets and memories of maladies

Are the only remnants of us I carry with me

Repose myself as YOU become NOTHING.