Caress the frost away
Pet my thoughts until they fade
I drown as your palms run down and soothe the aches
Sedate the pain, You've planted my roots back in place
When you graze me, its serendipitous to be awake

Your halo eyes bleed out light
My mood ascends across the sky
Flaws disappear before my sight
Broken as I
Yet you hang on to my hands that are as cold as ice
You're voluptuously as pure as snow white
Your angelic lips remind my bones that I'm alive
They cure my frostbite and gently kiss my skull to life
Is this love or what it feels like to fly
Illuminate my mind, pour it with life
And restore my heart's supply
You're my savior; I'll be your heroin till I'm rived

I have no regrets since the day we met eye to eye
I'm glad I've fallen onto your bliss
You've opened my balled up fist
Crawled upon my crypt, looked passed my flaws
And kissed my embalmed wrist
It's my turn to cross my lips
I'll follow you forever through the meadows of recrudescence
You paralyze my thoughts when my mood ascends
I'll pull the silver moon down for you
Because you're my best friend

I'll follow you through white roses till they're soaked in red
I'll fall for your hopes and wishes till my last breath

When we met, I thought you were too good to be true
Until you taught me to believe in you
Your smiles resemble crescent moons
And make me feel dead next to you
You're heaven sent while I lack a hue
Tell me what I have to do to be special too

I've tasted the risk of trust
You've kissed my wrist cuts
This must be love
My stomach is crawling through my lungs
You stuff it with butterflies
You're the reason I wake up to the light
I hope we never take the chance to say goodbye
Days without you would waste like suicide