A/N: This story is basically a collection of different POVs of Raena Scott's gang. See story summary for more info.

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Excerpt from a poem written by Luke Donovan to Raena Scott, found on the floor of a suite in the Monte Carlo Casino:

i don't want to feel the pain

of losing what i never gained

but if you could just meet my eyes

you'll see what i cannot disguise

i don't want to lose my soul

to something that i can't control

but everything comes at a price

and i've already rolled the dice

i don't want to waste my life

not knowing how to use a knife

but somehow i cannot break free

of all the things not meant to be

i don't want to spend my nights

on burning, crashing eyes and lights

but in the end you won't be there,

twisting words with reckless care

i don't want to save you

i don't want you saving me

An edited transcript of the interrogation of Raena Scott by David Cahill, FBI, June 2011:

Cahill: Let's start by looking at why you're here, Raena. You, along with three other persons, stole 16 million dollars from the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. That's a federal offense. You also kidnapped the owner of this casino, held him hostage, and injured twenty of his employees. Do you de-

Scott: No, I do not deny any of these charges. Yes, I am aware there will be serious consequences. But you're wrong on one of the charges.

Cahill: Oh, really? And which charge would-

Scott: I didn't injure them, I slit their throats.

[A pause.]

Cahill: Are you saying you killed twenty innocent people in cold blood?

Scott: Oh, wait. I lied. I broke the third's neck.

Cahill: Why not just slit his throat, too?

Scott: Sarcasm makes you look constipated, my friend. And what makes you assume it was a man? She was babbling like a moron, wouldn't shut up. She would've screamed if I'd used a knife on her. So, I had to snap her neck.

Cahill: Why did you kill James Braddock's employees?

Scott: If you're dumb enough to work for a member of the Mafia, you should be smart enough to not get killed.

Cahill: Are you accusing James Braddock, owner of the Monte Carlo Casino, of being in the Mafia? That is a very serious accusation, Raena, and frankly, you are not in a position to make accusations you cannot prove.

Scott: It's true, but you won't believe me. You want to, but you won't let yourself. People like you never do.

Cahill: Raena, I would suggest being more cooperative with me, because I represent the FBI. Perhaps I can convince the judge to give you prison for life instead of the death penalty.

Scott: Seriously, does that line even work anymore?

Cahill: Let me in, Raena. I can help you, I promise. But only if you let me in.

[A pause, then a shuffle of papers.]

Cahill: Now, let's try again. Why did you kidnap the owner of the Monte Carlo Casino, hold him hostage, and kill twenty of his employees?

Scott: You do know, this is pointless, right? I mean, it's not like I'm going to suffer any consequences.

Cahill: The law begs to differ. You will either receive prison for life or the death penalty, and-

Scott: No, I won't.

Cahill: I'm sorry?

Scott: You're not, but that's alright. You will be.

Cahill: I refuse to see what-

Scott: I'm not going to suffer any legal consequences. In exactly sixty seconds I'm going to punch you in the face. You will stagger for three seconds if you don't pass out first, which will give me ample time to break your neck. The agents on the other side of the glass will pull the alarm, and five seconds later three armed agents will break down the door to shoot me. Only they won't shoot me, because I've bribed one agent and threatened the other two. I will use one of their guns to kill all three of them. The agents on the other side of the glass will run screaming for help, causing a panic. I'll kill the person who's transcribing this interrogation last, and then I'll take the transcript with me. In the first room past the main hallway I've hidden a wig, sunglasses, gun, and badge. In the midst of the panic, I will slip out unnoticed using these items. On the next street there is a white moving van which contains the remaining three members of my team. In five minutes it will be as if I never existed. So, you see, Agent Cahill, the only person facing consequences, otherworldly or otherwise, will be you.

Cahill: I don't understand. What are you-

Scott: For the record, I'm sorry. You're the first truly good man I've seen in a while.

Cahill: Wait. Wait! Open this door, get me out of here, GET ME OUT! CODE RED!

[A shuffling sound, followed by four gunshots.]

[A long pause.]