Wretched thoughts float through me

Circling what I have left behind

Ripping down the walls of sympathy

Getting stuck inside the internal grind

Sludge comes out and slowly falls

Synapses destroyed when all went wrong

Crushed together by broken walls

What once was whole has long been gone

I blindly lead myself away from light

In a weak and defenseless mode I shift

Watching my dreams leave in the night

As careless as the snows that must always drift

Waves of paranoia and mindless thought

They crash upon me and pull me under

I try to break free from all that I have sought

A steady stream of thoughts erupt like thunder

My eyes open wide as my mind starts to race

It's like a new breath of life has entered me

My heart starts pumping new blood at feverish pace

My blackened lungs spread open so tenderly

I'm rebuilding my body and mind with borrowed parts

For a significant price I owe you what I borrow

This whole coming together or at least it starts

It's day one; this decomposing soul will live tomorrow