Listen to the seagulls
As the sun soars against the sky
Clashing through the clouds that mystify my sight
I search for a reason to demystify the why
Water falls from my eyes as I justify the death of life
Standing with a smile till I collapse in the ocean I have cried
Haunted by memories that evoked from inside
They rive what's left of pride until angelized voices echo through my mind

I question what's inside of my head if this is real life
My heart dances with confusion on a bed of steel knives
I forgot what it's like to be human
All I do is sigh
My blood ran until it was dry
I'm cloaked in black hoping to a dance with light
It's the dawn of the dead until darkness seethes all eyes
Words claw out of my chest
I let them embalm the sky

Compassion back stabbed me again
I'm salvaged from recrudescence
Absence of peace ravaged my innocence
I'm falling off track again
Phantoms trapped in the machine within
Modifying wings till they spread
Drowning in the blood beneath the skin
Trying to find a reason to live

Everyone I love is dead and gone
I still carry their hopes like the sword of Arthur Pendragon
Crickets chirp along the roads of heart broken vagabonds
There's nothing special about the path I'm on
I'll be buried alone like the ashes inside Avalon
Dreams fade before dawn
Regret lingers from the life my blood has drawn

I've been deceived by false hopes I've led
I try because this world is unfortunate
I'm crawling on my knees off this course I've kept
Pounding against the floor I've wept
Bleeding from the thorns of bliss
Floating in my own regret
Searching for some beautiful inside an ocean of death
I'll choke until I set my soul to rest
This is the price of recrudescence