My life began when you found me dead beneath my solitude
Unburied me, taught me how to breathe, and so I followed you
Felt like a lucid dream, a simple tepid hollow truth
It all seemed too good to be true until you got me to believe in you

Got me through as you kissed my bruises
Your gentle lips filled my wounds with blooming bliss
You reminded me how to smile
In return I gave you the key to my recrudescent heart
That I once promised to protect the moment it fell apart
But in response you rejected, you knew it was cold
I lost my reason to live as you let go

You flew away without a scent
I waited in hopes for your return
Until I grew impatient with common sense
Eventually I ran in pursuit to catch a glimpse of you
For I could cope with my fractured heart that is sick and blue
You turned me into a zombie desperately searching for a life
Don't know what's wrong with me; I'm losing all my might

Step by step until I began to bleed
Night by night as wandered deep into horrific dreams
Walking half asleep, I slipped off the edge
And failed to fly with shattered wings
I closed my eyes, bit my lower lip as I wished for death
Memories of us evoked inside my chest until
You heard my silence, dove into the depths
And saved me once again
I took a breath, opened my eyes
And wondered if this was heaven
But it was only serotonin

We slept side by side just as before
You held my broken ribs close
I melted as you caressed my skull
When I awoke you fluttered away once more
You left me one thing, a note written with blood to be sung. It said
"Something's aren't meant to be. Cut your heartstrings
And you'll spread your wings eventually."
So here I am
Just another scapegoat singing an angel's melody
Aiming to end the regret in me
Painting a way to cope with memories
Composing her hopes and dreams till I'm dead and free

I've woken up
I'm done bleeding from your silver tongue
You've used me like a loaded gun
Shot me through your blood as an escape from the corroding sun
You're atrocious
Your black lips felt like shattered wishes
Caustic from the ashes of burning dried rose bushes
You ravaged my wrist when I failed to catch your blowing kisses
We held hands and shared laughs where moths danced against the wind
I once thought you were different
But I was dead wrong
I should of never opened my palms for you
I'll keep my fist closed tight, bite my lower lip till its rived
And switch the lock to my heart this night
You're a demonic witch I've angelized
You stumble onto me when you're drunk
From hearts you've riddled with lies
Vomiting out their blood
I almost drowned in the flood that spewed out your eyes

I've seen you flutter around fallen soldiers
Enchanting them with a masked ambrosia
Until they're hypnotized and you decide to take a bite from their shoulders
Like a vampiric vulture
I'm caught between the boulders of your mistakes
I've had enough of your torture
You modified the promises we made

I crossed my heart for you
You tell me to toss it to the curb
When you're hiding who you are behind different face
But I've seen the truth
You're uncomfortable in your own skin
No wonder why you carve off the flesh you're imprisoned in
I'm glad its over
I can see clearly through your maze
You're just a whore who burns trust for warmth
Until it fades
You're the head of this relationship
I rather walk off the plank than deal with malfeasance
I quit being a pawn to your game
Congrats my love, you have won my tragic turn
Instead you choose to waste your blood down my drain
But I've learned my lesson, I'm never falling for you again
I rather walk alone under December's rain
You're no longer my concern
Your innocence has decayed
I don't care if you get what you rightfully deserve
I'm moving on to the next page
I won't be there when you slit right through your nerves
I rather sooth my palms to a new day
I've broken free from your ravishing curse
This is my goodbye to your archaic ways