It was always twilight there. Whether this was the twilight before dawn, or the twilight before sunset, none could say. For many years, nearly twenty, humanity debated. Support for sunset had once been strong, but the sun never set. Now, many believe dawn will soon come. However, far more shake their heads and sigh. "This world is, and forever will be, twilight."

Twenty years ago, the dead had come. Perhaps their swamps could no longer hold them. Perhaps the bog witches had herded them. Or perhaps an unsuspecting fool had released them. The facts were lost in the darkness, the havoc, the dead brought.

Villages fell, one by one. Though many ran, they could not run forever. And, as the living fell, the dead were born.

In the face of this army, hope was lost. The first star of humanity, capital city Luxtram, was abandoned. Many made for the mountains, praying they would hold the dead at bay. Others fled to the forest, hoping the trees would hold strong.

Warning reached the second star, Svetz, with little time to spare. The king gave his command. "Protect my people. Protect my city. Let nothing dead enter."

The army heard and obeyed. Every gate was closed. The walls were manned, every day, every night. And none were allowed to enter. "Who are the king's people, but those who share his table? Those who are his friends? Those who serve him directly?"

Thus, the city stood, and the people fed the army of the dead.

The twilight was then, the twilight is now, but is this twilight forever?

She gave me this paper and the instructions, "Keep a journal. Put into it all of you thoughts, fears, hopes, and desires. Let this journal become you. Because when your future begins to darken- and it will- this is all you will have to remember yourself by. This book will be your humanity. Cling to it, and it will serve you as a candle in the dark. Let it go, and your only guide will be the whispers at your ear."

I wonder, when the sun has set, will I still be able to make out the words on the page? How does one read without light?