The Tear Between High Technology and the Earth


The internet, phones, television, more

Maglev trains, Cars and planes, run on gas, need to change

Kill the earth, kill some zombies? All to play Xbox or Monopoly?

Trees and grass verses gears and steal. Who will win the evolution of the human?

Create, make, art and structure, the man in reality, or the self in the world wide web?

Interconnection, smaller homes, see the tress, see the Google Chrome.

The Apple, a fruit or a computer, iPod, Apps, iPad, from the humble radio.

Electricity coursing in wire, wire of vines around the bark we once desired.

Slowly, slowly, growing weaving, flowers, petals

Metal, and fire, burning destroying and creating,

The Lightbulb.

The sources of

it all. In the days

of the Intel Core

And of the cell

Leaves are falling

Where Cities are growing

Where do we go?

To synthetic trees?

To play in clean waters?

Where do we go from here?