Howdy y'all! Yay, this is two poems that aren't entirely dark and stormy. Don't get used to it though. Anyways, this one came to me while listening to a video called Secret Garden- Sanctuary on youtube after watching Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It's sort of based from Aslan's territory. Anywho, I hope you like it, and please, read and review!

Come to my Garden

Come to my Garden

Come dance in a sea

Of white water lilies

Come dance with me

Petals of white

Unfolded to drink up the sun

Where the beauty of life

And the people are one.

Come to my Garden

Out by the waves

Where the only sorrow

Is that of the grave

Out in the ocean

Quiet and calm

To the angers of life

There is a balm

Come to my Garden

Come walk on my shore

With beauty and sorrows

Seen never before

Where both dark and light

Echoing in shadows of the past

Live on in footsteps long since gone

Made by wanderers first and last

Come to my Garden

Come live with me

Here in the memories

You'll forever be

Never forgotten

Never you'll die

You'll live on forever

Below an eternal blue sky.

Come to my Garden

Dance with me

Live on in the lilies

Live on in the sea

Here you are welcome

Here you may come

Where the beauty of life

And the people are one.