Tonight every star will wish upon each other
They'll wish they could be her bathroom mirror
They flicker like light switches pining to be noticed
The sky itself is jealous it could not be her ceiling
You can tell in the tension held in the clouds
Slowly pulling over like bed sheets
It feels awkward
Like barbed wire wedged between her lips
She called her mouth a prison
Teeth crooked corner street thugs she called them
She has been practicing to smile
Pretending her mouth is holding a secret
She doesn't have one
But she still wants to share this with someone
She has forgotten how beautiful she is
But tomorrow her tongue will be a finger
She will run it across her teeth like keys of a piano
But piano keys that are dancers
Every boy will want to dance with these dancers
She hasn't danced in years
Tonight she will hold in her smile like a broken wing
She has been mending it for years
Tomorrow everyone will find faith
They will be reminded of the snowflakes
Tomorrow she will finally get her braces off
Two years ago she asked the dentist to fix her smile
Tonight she won't sleep
She is far to excited to get her new smile
She knew she wasn't perfect
But her smile will be