Into this quiet,
the calm weighs heavier then light
It is hard work to be a good person in this life
The questions,
Are just another motive that cannot push past present to progress
So I carry your memory with uncertainty like a ghost
I hide it's worth when it is looked over
It is lonely,
It holds up its guard to patterns of hesitance and doubt
Delusion is a high school production,
Pride only plays to ego's insecurity's here
Complacency is a poker table,
Getting over looked by all the spades
It's starting to lose confidence in it's hand it was delt
It only feels right when I am left with you
Because all there is to to offer by staying
Is each other
So darling,
Tell a story with that voice so soothing
That passage from your life
The one about suicide
Cradle me in your arms like a cemetery
Rock me as gentle as a newborn
Let your words move through me like the wind
As my eyes begin to close
And when I turn from this world
I will turn alone
Lie to me
Tell me you'll wait