Friend: Have you seen this movie?

Me: What movie?

Friend: Well, a man's wife is killed by a serial killer...

Me: Omg! He kills cereal?

Friend: -ignores- And in a turn of events their child gets kidnapped...

Me: Aww was it a boy or a girl?

Friend: Why does that matter?

Me: I don't really like boys... They're weird.

Friend: -.-' ANYWAYS, the dad goes on a journey with a mentally disabled woman to find his child...

Me: I give up, what movie is it?

Friend: What? You don't know? It's a very common movie...

Me: Just tell me!

Friend: It's Finding Nemo.

Me: -facepalm-

Lol, I actually thought of like a different type of movie, but it seems like Finding Nemo is QUITE the thriller ^^