we met each other in sixth grade, when we both
played trombone together. we both annoyed
the hell out of each other, but by the time high school
rolled around, you were starting to grow on me.

like a barnacle.

now i would probably consider us best friends.
you said that it was newton's fifth law that we
both sit together in any band setting, and we do.
(you also said newton's fourth law was that
you were awesome, but i didn't acknowledge
it as true.)

our friendship consists of spongebob quotes,
horrible trombone playing, sexual band jokes,
more spongebob quotes, and so many inside jokes
that we could never have a serious conversation.

we could literally just say 'ello to each other
and just start cracking up.

people think we're dating, and you've said yourself
that we probably should. but i have the love of my life,
and you're in love with the idea of a girl named hope.

in some ways i'm glad that we'll never date. because
even though i might have slight feelings for you,
everything would be more complicated if we were to date.

the laws of band say "one does not simply date within
the section," but more importantly than that,
we would lose our friendship.

and that's my favorite part of being in band.


i know this sucks, i just had to get my feelings out.