Chapter 1: Switching Lives

My name is Siberia, the best snowboarder in my school. They named me Siberia, because of the fact that I'm weak in the slightest heat, but I don't feel the cold.
Snow fell heavily, as my friends stood beside me at the top of the cliff.
My breath fogged up my goggles, as I looked down at my town.
"I AM SIBERIA!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.
"Take it easy husky," My friend Billy said beside me.
"Stop howling at the moon!" said Joe beside me.
"Look at the time it's already 8:00P.M. We have a test in Science tomorrow!" Joe said.
"Oh crap, let's go," I said starting to ride down the long mountain.
I put my hand in my pocket and pumped up the music on my wireless headphones.
Joe suddenly jumped in front of me while touching the back of his board in mid-air.
"Be careful!" I yelled sliding passes him.
When I looked to my left I saw Billy trying to say something with an intense face.
I frowned at him and kept riding.
When suddenly Joe touched me from behind.
"What?" I said pulling off my headphones.
Then I heard the deep rumbling sound behind me. I looked back and saw a white wall coming at us.
"Avalanche!" I screamed.
"We have to get to that cliff!" yelled Joe pointing at a high area.
I slowly ducked down and unhooked my feet from my snowboard. I saw Joe and Billy do the same.
I steered toward the cliff.
"It's gaining on us!" Joe yelled
"It's too steep to go up!" Billy announced already getting off his board and started to climb up.
I jumped off of my skateboard and landed at the top of the cliff..
I climbed up and found that the bottom of the cliff was steeper than the top of it.
"C'mon," I yelled to Billy, lending him a hand.
He grabbed it and climbed up.
"Where's Joe?" I asked.
"Help!" said Joe at the very bottom of the cliff.
I jumped down and with adrenaline force I grabbed him from the waist and threw him half way up.
Now my turn…
I felt intense pain all over my body. Darkness overwhelmed my vision.

-0°F Siberia

I was drowned in darkness, but I knew my eyes were open.
"Am I dead?" I asked. I could hear my voice reverberate in the darkness.
I could feel the clothes on my back and my goggles on my eyes.
Then there was a sudden flash of light, that blinded me and weakened me with heat. I heard a voice in my head it, no, it wasn't in my head. It was somewhere in the darkness. She said," I need a hero, a hero of the ice and the cold. Something to counter the arising evil. I need you, my kingdom is in trouble, only you can help us. Nix"
Nix was the name my dead mother gave me but after her death I refused it for Siberia.
"Nobody, NOBODY calls me NIX" I screamed.
I heard a laughter, the same voice, but I recognized that the voice was wise and sounded like an old lady.
"Cherish this life, that you will receive," the voice said seriously.
"What WAIT WHAT?" I screamed and suddenly I was back to being alone, and my body felt like it was burning.
"AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!" I screamed hearing it echo, then it became quiet and the echo turned into a roar of a ferocious beast.

-0°F Siberia

"Hey! Hey! Wake up!" Someone said. I felt my body rock from side to side.
I slowly opened my eyes, my head was pounding. My vision was blurry and I felt completely strange, like I had more body parts, more nerves? It felt strange, like I had more control than I usually did.
My vision instantly cleared and there was a large Crimson red lizard face, in my face.
"AAUGH!" I screamed jumping back but instead I hit my head against something.
"AAUGH!" the creature, sounding like a girl screamed jumping up.
"Wow! Okay. Okay." I said I tried to get up, but I could feel my head was stuck on something.
"Huugh!" I moaned as I tried to get my head up. But it felt like my neck was being pulled off.
"Stay still." I heard the crimson lizard ask..
I felt her pull at my ankles. I moved across the grass slowly.
"Alright, are your horns out?" asked the creature in the distance. 'Horns?' I asked myself.
I slowly got to my feet, looking up at the sky
"Okay. Okay. Okay" I said sticking my hand out.
I looked down, and saw my hand, paw thing, covered in snow white scales.
"AAUGH!" I yelled and fell back down to the ground.
"AAUGH!" I repeated staring at my body. I was now morphed into a lizard with talons and even harder scales.
"SHUTUP!" I heard the girl scream.
I stopped, and sat still, in complete shock.
A few seconds passed and then finally she said," Alright who are you and where are you from?"
I searched into my aching head for anything but nothing came to mind, except," Siberia, my name is Siberia."
"Alright look at me, are you okay?" asked the girl lizard. I turned my head towards her, and finally I got a better look at her.
The creature had small horns growing out of the back of her head. She had green eyes and a feminine look about her. She was about the size of a human when she stood on her hind legs. Her talons were manicured with green paint to match her eyes. She had elegant green wings.
"No." I said." I don't know, I don't know, where am I?"
"You are in Drag-ges-vard," she said.

This is a project to get a break from the story I'm doing now.

(Setsuna Damius' Note: Alright I may as well reboot this series for fun. It's been what 2 years? I decided to go back, cut things out, change a few things. For fun).