Chapter 5: Celestia's Dark Past

"So you end up here, again," said , sighing with his forehead in his hand.
"Sorry, but I got attacked!" I countered.
"I know," said the principal, tilting his head to Veronika who was my witness.
"On-top of that Chas and Brutus always seems to be the one to always start fights, please note their reputation!" said Veronika, trying to help me out.
"Due to the fact that the witness is agreeing with Siberia, it seems that this makes you two the assaulters, correct?" asked the principal, calmly. The two dragons nodded their heads in unison.
"Alright, Siberia, Veronika, the two of you are free to go. The rest of you will stay here to face your punishment under my judgment."
"Thank you." I said, bowing slightly and leaving out the door with Veronika.

-0F Siberia
(Around 6:00P.M. Thursday, Somewhere around school)

"Veronika I owe you one," I said to Veronika walking her home.
"You owe me two, one for the instruments and the fact that I just saved you just now." She said, elbowing me lightly.
I lightly chuckled and then asked," Is there any way I can help you make the instruments?"
"Yeah, but you'll have to go over to my lab." She said, with a small smile.
"If you don't mind, I would like to help you. It's not right for me to tell you to do something then not help." I said.
"Alright, but I must warn you before-hand. My lab is what you call a serious mess, a total disaster." She said, smiling a little.
"I don't mind."
"Alright then, follow me," she said, taking out a key from her pouch to unlock the garage door to her building.
I pushed the garage door up for her as she pulled the key out of the lock. She entered and then she swung her hand on a nearby wall and the lights flashed on. I slid underneath the large steel door and let the door go, listening to it slam onto the floor. She continued down a hall full of lights and doors that lead to separate rooms.
"Do these doors lead to different experiments?" I asked, catching up to her.
"Yeah, but some of them aren't in use at the moment." She said, opening a door slightly and looking inside.
"How did you afford this building?" I asked her.
"Celestia helped me pay for it." She said, without thinking. She closed the door and kept walking down the hall.
Then I just remembered something Brutus said a couple days ago," Veronika, what is this thing about Celestia killing her, 'brother."
Veronika stopped walking and stood there shocked by the fact that I asked the question.
"Do you really want to know?" asked Veronika, the tension and seriousness in her voice rising an octave.
Why did she ask I wondered to myself, suddenly starting to get worried.
"Yes." I said, returning the seriousness.
"Alright, but don't tell Celestia that I told you this. Don't mention it to her, just please don't ditch her like so many other dragons have." Veronika said," Just promise me that."
"I promise you that no matter what happened to her before, I know she can't possibly be that same dragon now." I said, trusting myself to stick to my promise.
"Okay," said Veronika, sighing. In her eyes I could see a sadness that I hadn't seen before. Almost like a person who has seen something ugly and was recollecting the memories. She started to walk and then said," It all started with the queen announcing she was getting old. So she was going to pick a new princess, or prince, to serve her. Everybody was automatically a contestant and nobody was ratted out of her choice. But there was one dragon, one child that everybody expected to get chosen. That would be Celestia's brother, Jett. He was powerful above all of the other children. He breathed something only a hero from the golden ages breathed, 'Dark Fire."
"What's so special about 'Dark Fire." I asked, knowing that I was going off topic.
"You can't actually learn it. You have to be born with that breath. That fire is hotter than regular fire. It can literally burn regular fire. It will burn pure steel in seconds. 'Burn' steel. It is nearly impossible to extinguish. You have to literally be in a place like a river to extinguish the fire. The fire can burn under water for a while.
Anyway back to the story. Everybody thought Jett was going to become prince. But Celestia had tried to become just as strong, trying to out-power him. But no matter how hard Celestia tried she couldn't beat Jett in a fight, whether is be by speed, power, or intelligence.
Then the day came when the next prince, or princess, was chosen, everybody lined up at the castle. Celestia was chosen, and Jett was ditched. None of us understood why, Jett lost, he was obviously the better choice. Jett has lost, his mental condition became unstable while watching Celestia get crowned. A few days later he… he went to a better place."
When she said that even I was about to almost cry. Almost, but still that was pretty harsh, suicide even though you had everything.
"It's not over yet. His death note was found on 'Death Bridge', where he died, it read, ' Sister, if you are reading this, I hope you understand this is all your fault. You aren't more worthy then me to become princess. So I decided if I don't get what I want there will be no 'me'. To sister, with hate.
With that said, it was announced and read publicly. Everybody hated Celestia for that, since everybody loved Jett. Everybody blamed her for his death and soon her very friends turned on her. There isn't a single person who stares at her with hate now. Her public life has been totally wrecked by this.
I still have sympathy for her, the amount of tears she shed, how hard her life took a hit. She couldn't show her face for a whole year, she locked herself up in a room in the fortress for 2 days. Not even eating for all that time. I remember how bad it was for her. She didn't even want to talk to her parents, much less me."
Veronika seemed to almost be on the verge of tears. I bit my lip, sorry for asking such a hard to answer question.
"Veronika," I said, not knowing how to express myself," I'm… I'm sorry."
I lightly hugged her, even I could feel something pulling at my heart with that story. If I were Veronika I would have probably been crying already. Wondering how somebody, like Brutus, can go so low and say that to her.
"It's okay," said Veronika, her voice starting to crack," besides if you had heard it from someone else they would have said Celestia stabbed her brother."
She sighed lightly and I could feel something wet on my shoulder as she hugged me back.
"I'm so sorry," I said, still feeling guilty for asking a question.
"Can I get you that guitar and synth tomorrow?" she asked.
I let go of her and then said," Take as long as you wish."
"Thank you." She quietly murmured, walking away.
I walked the other way down the hall, knowing that she would rather be left alone.

-0F Siberia
(Next Day, Music Period)

"So you held yourself off from my welcoming committee, did you?" asked Satomi, her mouth close to my ear.
"Give up! I don't like you, we're complete opposites." I said, getting annoyed.
She smiled and said," Opposites attract."
I sighed; this was starting to seem hopeless. Then I asked," Why don't you go after someone who doesn't have amnesia."
"But the one with amnesia is the most awesome." She said.
"Why do you like me? Is it for my looks, because I can play instruments, or maybe it's because I don't want you." I said.
"All of the above, you're so different, and the differences, I like." She said to me.
"I'm sorry I'm not into you, but still we can be friends, right?" I asked.
She frowned a little at my suggestion.
"But I like you more than that," she said.
"If you don't like me for who I am, not my abilities, then I will not accept you." I said," There are people out there who will love you more than I ever would."
With that she stayed quiet, strangely. She looked almost shocked that I said that, like if I struck an old memory of hers.
"Siberia! Are you going to join a band?" asked the teacher.
"Yes," I said.
"Can you sign this then?" he asked, walking up to me and handing me a paper with different names on it.
I signed my name with the pen he handed me and gave it back to him.
He looked at it and then asked," Do you have a band?"
"No." I said.
"Well it's not possible to be a one-man band, you will need to be in a band to join the tournament. These people still need a couple of singer." He said, handing me a list of bands and where they practice at.
"Thank you." I said," I'll try to find a band, any recommendations?"
"I can't recommend you to anyone, you're on your own," said the teacher.

-0F Siberia
(8th period, breath training period)

"I want to try something new with you," said .
"What do you mean?" I asked," and what do you plan on doing?"
"You see this?" said , He opened his hand in front of me and made a fireball appear in his hand.
"Yeah, what about the fireball?" I asked.
"Well, can you make a fireball or can you make something else?" asked Mr. Regis.
"Well how do you form a fireball in your hand?" I asked.
"Just focus on the palm of your hand and think about your element turning into a ball." said.
I opened the palm of my right hand and focused on it first. Then after a few seconds I thought about the freezing fog that I breathed being shaped into a ball.
Then in under a second I felt something ice cold run down my arm and form into a ball office cold fog in my hand.
"That wasn't so hard." I said to Mr. Regis.
"Alright give me a few seconds," he said leaving out of the room.
He quickly re-appeared with a glass of water and another glass of something white.
"Alright," he said, putting down both glasses down in front of me." See if you can freeze both of them, it doesn't have to be at the same time."
"How do I do that?" I asked, amazed at the powers a dragon holds.
"Well it may be easier to aim your hands at the object, then just imagine it freezing, also if you imagine the shape you can also shape it, but remember we are limiter in power. Our power isn't endless and if we use too much we will die." He said, with a much more harsh tone.
I aimed both my hands at the glass of water. Then I closed my eyes picturing the water floating and forming into ice. Then I could see it reshaping itself into a statue of a dragon. I suddenly felt dizzy and felt my balance collapse. I caught myself before I fell but it felt like someone just spun me around.
"Good job," said the teacher. I opened my eyes to see the ice statue in my head, formed out of ice in the glass cup.
"Nice," I said, amazed by the powers I held at the moment.
"Alright, this is a cup of snow try turning it into a solid piece of ice." said, pointing at the other cup he brought with him.
I closed my eyes again and imagined the snow melting and turning into a perfect cube of ice,
"Good," said the teacher," That's all we're going to do for this half the period, now the next half the period we're going to work on your acid breath."
I opened my eyes, my head feeling a little light.
"Alright," I said," let's get to work."

-0F Siberia
(A short amount of time after School)

"This must be the place," I muttered to myself looking at the band address and the number on the door.
I looked around at the buildings nearby, all of them luxurious looking.
I lightly knocked on the door and waited.
The door slowly opened and a tall emerald colored dragon stood in the doorway. He held what seemed to be a bass guitar.
"Are you here to sign up as the lead guitar player for our group?" asked the dragon, with a girly voice.
"Yeah," I said, somewhat nervous if I could make it." I can also sing, and play the synth, and guitar, so I can double into other roles."
"Great!" said the dragon," Cibran, seems like where almost done getting people."
"Great!" I heard someone from inside call," Bring him in, Ziva (Pronounces Zee- va)
"You heard him come in!" said the dragon called Ziva.
I walked in to the large room. A dragon that was shorter than both of us was lifting weights in what seemed like the living room. He had tan scales and had a lock chain around his neck. There were a few couches set up around a table. The table was occupied with various weights, comics, music sheets, and magazines.
"So what's your name?" the dragon, lifting weights, asked.
"My name's Siberia, what's yours?" I asked.
"My names Cibran and that dragon next to you is named Ziva." He said.
"Cool," I said, calmly.
"So by any chance do you know another singer or are you a solo singer?" asked Ziva.
"Sorry I don't know anybody that will sing with me." I said," Why, do you only work with duets?"
"No, it's not like that, although having a well synchronized will beat a solo singer in my opinion," Cibran said.
Then I suddenly got a really stupid idea that was definitely worth a try.
"Well then again we may have a chance with a duet." I said.
"What do you mean?" asked Ziva.
"Well, there's a dragon that I know that everybody says she should try singing, but I have never asked her. If you want I could ask and ask her to record her voice and give it to you guys. There are no guarantees she will go this far of course." I said, thinking about Veronika. Celestia did say a few days ago about them going to karaoke, I think her voice is pretty good for singing, and on top of that she can hold a long note. Even her parents suggested it, why not it's worth a shot.
"Well, when can we meet her?" asked Ziva.
"I don't think she wants to meet anybody, unless she sort of knows them, but like I said I might be able to get a sample of her singing. Note the fact that I said 'might'." I said.
"Have you ever heard her sing before?" Cibran asked.
"No, but I have heard a 'friend of mine' talk about her going to karaoke. I think her voice is good enough."
"Well, what's her name?" asked Cibran.
"I won't reveal her name because she might not want her name being attached to her voice. For all I know, you guys might hate her voice and then pass it around school, you know? Besides I can't say to her,' Hey can I have a sample of you singing so I can give it to two random dragons who also can spread rumors about you in school.'
So of course I'm going to have to ask her if she even wants to join. Then ask her for a sample of her voice. What do you guys think?"
Ziva and Cibran looked at each other and then said in unison," Let's give it a shot!"
"Alright, so where's the nearest karaoke center?" I asked.
"Wait a second, can we at least hear you play something, just to get an idea of your skill?" asked Cibran.
"Alright, hwat do you guys want me to sing, or if you have an instrument , what do you guys want me to play?" I asked, calmly.
"Good question, sing 'Super Hero." Said Ziva.
(The song listed above is in Japanese. You can get the subtitles by searching it up on Youtube. It should be by a blonde-haired anime character, I will not list any names because I may get sued, better safe than sorry when it comes to talking about legal stuff, you know?)
"The whole song?" I asked," I can barely remember the whole song. Can you guys play at least or give me a lyric sheet?"
"Here!" Ziva said, handing me a sheet of paper from the cluttered table.
"Wait go into the basement where my drums are!" said Cibran getting up.
We walked down a flight of stairs to a small basement where a set of drums sat. In one corner there was a keyboard and in the opposite corner sat a boom-box. Between them was a computer connected to the keyboard.
"Alright, here we go!" said Cibran, picking up his drums.
"Who's keyboard is this?" I asked, poking a key.
"That's my sister's, but if you want you can play it." Ziva said.
"Alright," I said, loading up a program to set the options to play Super hero. Thankfully it was all set up in a load out.
"One," said Cibran, as I got back to the keyboard," Two, One Two Three Four!"
We started jamming the whole song; thankfully I seemed to remember it. The whole song played quickly and was hard to keep playing, singing, and turn knobs on the keyboard. The song started to get a little too much as some of the keys were set up poorly.
"Not bad!" Ziva announced after the song ended.
"Thanks," I said, proud of myself, " though I must admit, that was sort of tough."
"Hey with practice comes skill." Cibran said spinning his drum stick.
"I don't think I even have time to practice. It was Felix who wanted me to play a sport, while playing in the concert. You know what, I'll quit the sport, I want to win this tournament." I said, starting to feel fired up.
"That's the spirit!" said Ziva, balling her hands into fists.
"Alright I'm going to arrange a meeting with, 'my friend tomorrow, so where's the closest karaoke building?" I asked.
"You don't know?" asked Cibran.
"No, I forgot to mention I have amnesia, so all my memories are lost." I said, saying it like it was normal.
"Oh, seriously?" asked Ziva.
"Yeah, it suck but don't worry about it." I said, trying to avoid there sympathy.
"Right, well the closest place would be Vocal Karaoke," said Cibran.
"You're joking about the name, right?" I asked.
"No actually not, but the service there is awesome and it's cheap!" said Ziva.
"Well, the problem is I live at a 'friends place at the moment' so, yeah, I'm broke." I said, just noticing.
"Tell them you're a student from your school, they'll let you stay as long as you want!" said Cibran.
"Seriously?" I asked.
"Yeah, though you have to pay for the snacks yourself." Ziva said.
"Well next thing, you guys don't happen to have a recording device, do you?" I asked.
"Yeah, but it's up-stairs, let me go get that for you." Ziva said, walking up the stairs.
Then she randomly said, from the stairs," Sister you're home already?"
"Yeah" said a familiar voice.
"Oh dear!" I whispered," Cibran, quick hide me."
"What, why? It's just Satomi." Cibran said, casually.
"No, she tried to interrogate me the last time I talked with her." I said, looking around trying to find a way to get out of the basement.
"The only way out if through the stairs so you're stuck." Cibran said, still casually.
"Oh, Siberia!" said Satomi, walking down the stairs," I didn't know we were going to have you over."
"I was just leaving" I said, trying to run past her.
"Hey at least stay for something to drink." She said.
I walked past her and walked up, making sure not to look back.
"Wait, Siberia!" said Ziva, as I neared the door that lead outside.
"Oh right the recorder," I said, lightly smacking my forehead with my palm.
"Take it," she said lightly pressing the small recorder into my hand.
"Thank you!" I said," Wish me luck; tell me where the karaoke place is tomorrow after school."
With that said I ran out the door.
-0F Siberia
(Next day, Friday, morning)

It was early morning when I met up with Veronika in the hall way. She sat on her knees cleaning her locker out, stacking up books and papers around her.
"Hey Veronika…" I said, trying to figure out how to start the conversation after what happened yesterday.
"Oh hey, what's up?" she said, normally.
"Um… I was wondering, what your opinion was on the song tournament." I said, trying to get the conversation on the right topic.
"I think it's cool, and helps classify dragons from the crowd, I guess. Why do you ask?" she asked, knowing I was up to something.
"What would you say if someone asked you to join their band for the tournament?" I asked, trying to estimate how she would react.
"I don't know; guess it depends on who asks. But most likely I would say no, I'm just not a singer." She said.
"What if you had the material, then would you join?" I asked, surprised how low she felt about herself and singing.
"Maybe, anyhow why are you asking these questions." She asked, already knowing what I was going to ask.
"Well a band, the band I'm in, they sked me if I knew any singers. I asked myself, well, what about you? I mean you don't seem to have a bad voice." I said, knowing this wasn't going well.
She sat there quietly, contemplating on the idea.
"Well, um, either way I was going to ask you if I could record you singing, at a nearby karaoke center. I didn't reveal who you are to them. So you can completely turn this down, I swear to you I will hold nothing against you if you don't join." I said, trying to make it seem like I wasn't really forcing her to join.
"Well, I'll sing, but between me, you and the band, tell me if I suck or not, okay?" she asked, sort of embarrassed.
"So after school?" I asked.
"Yeah, I'll meet you by my locker." She said.
"I really appreciate it, I really do, Veronika." I said.

-0F Siberia
(After 9th period ,gym)

"Felix," I said, calling him over in the locker room.
"Yeah," he said, walking over to me.
"I don't think I'm going to be able to join the Crash ball team. I mean I have to work with the song tournament, so you can count me out." I said.
"Why man? I mean we need you!" he said.
"My band and art calls for me, I have to ask you to find another team member." I said.
"Fine, be like that!" he said, angrily stomping off.
Well this wasn't the reaction I was expecting to get from him. Now I had a fourth enemy in school, Satomi, Chas, Brutus, and now Felix. What was I going to do, I can't go on making more enemies at school. Maybe I'll try to become closer friends with Satomi since she seems to be the center of attention at school, for boys anyway. Then I would end up with less enemies but I may turn other girls against me.
This was starting to become a sticky situation. I walked out of the gym locker room and headed towards Veronika's locker.
"Siberia!" Ziva called from behind me.
"Hey Ziva! What do you want?" I asked, then remembered about the recorder.
"You forgot about the recorder!" she said, running towards me with the device in her hand.
"Thanks!" I said, walking over to her.
She handed me the recorder and I took it gingerly. The device was shaped like a miniature T.V remote. It was heavy and had a microphone shaped dome at the top of the device.
"Here's how you turn it on!" Ziva instructed me, pointing at a button," This is how you turn it off."
She pointed at another button. "Then to play it you can press this, to play what is recorded," she said pointing at a button closer to the edge of the device." Remember it will only record up to ten minutes and will only record one thing at a time."
"Alright, I got it." I said, pointing at the buttons.
"Good luck!" she said and walked off.
I turned around and continued to walk further down the hallway to get to Veronika's locker.
"Siberia!" Veronika yelled, behind me.
I turned around, surprised, and said," Oh hey, Veronika!"
"I'm ready to leave, are you?" she asked.
"Yeah, let's go," I said, tightening my grip on the recorder.

-0F Siberia
(At Vocal Karaoke)

The Vocal Karaoke was empty as a dragon serving at the cash register slept on his arms. The building was relatively new and clean. Windows were everywhere, letting light into the building.
"Sir," I said, patting the clerk on his shoulder.
He opened his eyes and blinked a few times, sort of stunned.
"Yeah, what do you want?" asked the clerk.
"Where students of the Dragesvard academy and we would like to apply for a karaoke room." I said.
"Go right in, take the room that suites you best." He said, going back to his slumber on the desk.
"C'mon let's go," said Veronika, pulling my arm toward the hall to the left.
I walked toward the hall, as she pulled my forward.
"Let's take that one!" said Veronika, pointing at a karaoke room darkly lit with a large window that had a view of outside and another window that allowed up to peer in.
I opened the door for her as she walked in saying," Thank you."
Inside the room was a wide couch and in front of it was a table with a karaoke machine. Further behind the karaoke machine was a T.V. Around the karaoke machines were several microphones.
"I want to hear you sing first," said Veronika, handing me a microphone.
"Sure I guess, what should I sing then?" I asked, but before I could pick a song she already picked a song.
The T.V turned on with a video and the song started to play. It took me a second to figure out which song this was.
"Is this 'Lost in the Echo by Linkin Park?" Then before I could get an answer, I started to sing.
The song became harder to sing as the song progressed because the remix kept getting mixed with the original song causing me to nearly miss the right tone.
"That was a tough one," I muttered to myself.
"Alright play this then!" said Veronika.
"Wait!" I said and before I could recover she made,' Helena Beat by Foster the People', play
This song was even harder because of how long I had to keep one breath for. I had to sing as least three lines without breathing and the little spaces the song gave me to breath, I had to hold back for gasping for air.
"Alright!" I said holding my hand up, while gasping for air, after the song ended," Don't go for the next song, yet."
She chuckled a little and waited patiently as I caught my breath.
"You sing next," I said, handing her a microphone and reaching for the recorder on the table.
I could see her face get nervous as she grabbed onto the microphone.
"Promise to not show it to them unless it's good." Veronika said," And be truthful."
I sat on the couch and let her load up a song.
"Are you ready?" I asked putting my finger on the recording button.
She sighed and said," Alright, go ahead."
The song, 'Lights by Ellie Goulding,' played. At first she was off by a tone, then eventually she started to catch on, becoming better with each verse.
After the song ended she sighed and said," I sucked didn't I?"
"No, not at all." I said, impressed that she had it in her to sing like that." You're actually pretty good."
"Really?" she said, still doubting me.
"I don't commend people emptily." I said," now that I say that, I have no memory of complimenting people, so what am I saying. Never mind my babble, you get my point, right?"
"Yeah, thank you!" she said, her face going a little red.
"I just got an idea, want to sing Cendrillion, since there are two singers here, only if you're fond of it." I said.
"Great idea!" she said, and we sung our day way away.

(Writer's note: Most songs I used in the story I'm writing are really random. The only reason I used a song by Vocaloids, it's the song called Cendrillion, is because they seem to have a lot of duet songs. But be aware that when clicking on some of the songs in the suggestions list for vocaloids, some of these can fall under the horror genre. I won't list any of them here, but you have been warned. Readers I need your help to find duet songs if you know any, please make sure they're decent songs, please list it in a review or send it to me through a private message.
Thank you, and have a good day)

Disclaimer: None of the songs I have listed in the story are owned by me. The story, however, I have created meaning it would be mine.