"Friendship" is like a prison.

Something that keeps me isolated.

Those chains.

The chains that keep my bound to this idea of "Friendship."

They drag me around, making me go where I don't want to.

My soul is trapped.

Trapped inside like that prison.

That warden.

That "Friend."

She gives me smiles, words.

They're all lies.

Her words. Her words.

Give me pain so it nips at my soul.

Her procedures for the prisoner of "Friendship," me, are just daily commands, telling me what to do or believe.

And I…I'm just waiting.

Waiting for the person with the key.

The key to let me gain my freedom from this "Friendship."

This person would let me gain happiness.

This person would be my true friend.

Give me a true friendship.

One without lies, one I can gain happiness with.

I want to be free…