The Grass Is Seldom Greener

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved his mother, she was the most stubborn women he knew, who would do anything for others but never ask for help when she really needed it.

"Mom wake up! Mom"

Ten year-old Oliver Piper said. He nudged her sleeping body once more before he heard a groan. She was awake but not moving. The light shining into the bedroom was already too bright for her to handle. On the table beside her there was an empty glass from her evening drink also a picture of her late husband. Oliver stared at the photo for seconds before he picked it up. His mother quickly opened her eyes when she heard his small hands moving around her table but sighed when she saw him staring at the photograph.

"Do you remember him?" She asked in a gentle voice.

He looked at her with sadness in his eyes and shook his head.

"Not really" He admitted.

She shifted over in her bed and patted the empty soft beside her.

"Now that you woke me up I will tell you about him"

The young boy climbed into the bed beside his mother she held him tight as he passed her the picture. She looked at it for a moment just like all the other times but this time she didn't cry. She had to stay strong for her son so she took a deep breath and began to speak.

"Once upon a time there was a woman who loved a man with all her heart"

Oliver rested his head on her chest looking up at her listening to her every word.

"He was the most stubborn man I ever met but I loved him"

She paused. Just talking about him made her sad but she reminded herself to keep her emotions in check. There was a time to shed a tear but this wasn't that time.

"He was handsome and funny, sweet and charming"

A small smile appeared on the women's face. As she remembered all the good times they shared.

"He would do anything for me and he was always there when I needed him even if I didn't want to admit it" She chuckled at the last part.

Oliver smiled at his mom who spoke such positive things about his father. He was only ten but he could tell that the love of his parents was real. He looked at his father then at his mother.

"What else?" He asked.

The women smiled. "You look just like him"

She traced her finger along the man's hairline. "Same blonde wavy hair"

She made circles on the photograph where his wide oval shaped eyes stared at her.

"Curious and green"

His mother placed down the photograph and turned to her son. Who was the smaller version of the man she once loved. She remembered how afraid she was to have a baby. Her husband was very sick at the time of her pregnancy. The doctors said there was nothing they could do because the sickness came out of the blue. She was worried that he wouldn't get to see the child that he helped create one night under the stars. But he was a stubborn man and not only fought back his sickness but he was there for her during the whole pregnancy and the birth.

His mother forced a smile. "One more thing"

Oliver stared at her curiously. "Yes?"

She began to tickle him and he started laughing. "Same ticklish round belly"

Oliver rolled off the bed with laughter. She laughed along with him for the first time in awhile. He liked to hear his mother laugh. It was good for her to be happy instead of staying home drinking in sadness. He looked over at the clock then began to panic as he quickly picked up his school bag.

"I have to catch the school bus" He said attempting to go to the door.

She pulled him back. "Give mama a kiss"

Oliver smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "Love you ma"

His mom smiled back. "Love you too"

She waited for the door to close before she took out a bottle from under her bed and poured it in her glass. She stared at it for a moment tightly holding onto the photograph with her other hand. She took a sip then began to cry.