Rubo Galane

Chapter 7

Upon awakening Eska found himself in an unusual cleft. A den it seemed with perfectly angled corners and evenly flattened walls. Above him was a flat ceiling speckled with white flecks of some sort, undoubtedly for insulation. The room was warm and full of stagnant air, the smell of coal and smoke evident, and yet fainter than Eska expected of such a enclosed room. In the corner was a metallic chimney, near which Rubo Galane's head was perched upon a pillow like some gruesome relic of a more primitive time.

"We aren't where I wanted." Claimed the head, seeming to notice Eska was awake without looking at the young samurai.

Eska remained silent. He hadn't been sure of where they were going to begin with.

"We will have to try again." Rubo muttered.

Eska frowned with disapproval but remained silent still. Instead he raised his voice to demand where it was they were.

"No place meant for your primitive sort. Peasant flesh lacks the refinement of a time such as this." Rubo stuck out his tongue and bit it lightly with his blackened teeth in a gesture Eska wasn't at all familiar with but only could imagine to be an insult.

"I am capable of civil behavior." Eska defended, though not very enthusiastically. He didn't care much for what the head thought of him. Little seemed to impress the nymph, and with good reason he assumed.

"Civil yes, like beheading strange taxidermists in the woods. Or perhaps like raising pan handling dung-mongers that steal babbling skulls from death filled dens."

"She brought you to me didn't she?" Eska barked.

"Yes, I forgot stupid as well."

Eska rose to his feet, slipping his katana from it's case in one swift motion.

Rubo merely raised his eyes to the fellow and smirked. There was no need for any words in regard to his worth in his defense, if Eska disabled his speech he'd be trapped in the foreign land they had landed in the lap of.