In this jaded world, I walk alone in darkness and grow exhausted in these hallways

From constantly trying to recover from chest twisting heartaches

My palms remain insecure about existential faucets

Confidences dies again and leaves me haunted

I thought I found a way to escape my seething conscience,

But unfortunately I wake up buried beneath a coffin

In this jaded world, I regret shaking hands with ghosts

Haunted by every promise I've broke

The warmth of love has left me cold

The now has become a shadow of the old

In this jaded world, I'm imprisoned inside cornered walls I've called my skull

Heaven resides under the ocean that blankets Virginia Woolf

Shes caressing the motion of arctic lonely souls

An angelized mermaid who anaerobically sedates a victims pulse

In this jaded world, I rive another crippled note

written with a feather an angel torn

My blood kindles a genetic code

resembling the hymn of a halo thrown

In this jaded world, we look into the broken mirror,

watch it crack a smile as it copes with fear

Caustic questions plunge our vile skin for the reason why we're here

Couldn't uncover the answer and so we violently shed a tear

In this jaded world, some choose to play their vocal chords as they fall

Serenading violins

Others shoot to save the world and pay the lost

Either way or both, we die to live

Till we take our last breath and let the silence in. In this jaded world.