So, this is just a bunch of random moments from a book I'm writing. If you review, I'll post the book or, at least the rest of it (The first chapter is already up) (it's written in script from) Oh, and I'll explain the relationships between everyone:

Blackbeard and Anna are 'lovers'. Pepper and Bella are half sisters and are Blackbeard's daughters. Kagome, Bambi, and Alice are just friends who live on the ship. Cook is the ship's cook (you don't say!) and that's about it.

No habla español

Pepper, Anna, and Blackbeard are sitting on Blackbeard's bed after Pepper walked in on Blackbeard and Anna

Pepper: Vete a la mierda esta mierda! Vete a la mierda esta mierda! Mátame ahora! Por favor, me matas ahora! Esto está tan mal estado!

Blackbeard: No habla español.

Pepper: Je meurs ici! S'il vous plaît me tuer! Je suis tellement peur! Tuez-moi s'il vous plaît!

Anna: What-

Blackbeard: She starts speakin' other languages that she knows when she freaks ou'.


Pepper and Bella are in their quarters. Pepper is laying on her bed trying to sleep and Bella is sitting on Pepper's bed talking

Pepper: Shut the fuck up!

Bella: Why?

Pepper: Because you're annoying!

Bella: Why?

Pepper: Because you won't shut up!

Bella: Why?

Pepper: Because you're annoying!

Bella: I can keep this up all night.

Fuck this shit

Pepper is hiding in her closet after her and Blackbeard got in a huge fight and Pepper got hit

Pepper: Va-t'en!

Blackbeard: I dasn't know what ye jus' spake but-

Pepper: Evadez-vous!

Blackbeard: I-

Pepper: Fuck this shit! Closes closet door


Pepper, Anna, Bella, and Blackbeard are sitting at the dinner table

Anna: And I think-

Pepper: No one cares.

Anna: You little shit! Don't you know it's rude to interrupt?

Pepper: Yes, and since when have I cared about being polite?

Anna rests her head in her hands

Pepper: Exactly.


Alice is sleeping in Pepper's bed with Pepper Alice kicks Pepper in her sleep

Pepper: You little bitch!

Alice lays a foot on Pepper's lap

Pepper: Bitch! I'm going to get you for that!

Alice rolls over onto Pepper. Pepper throws Alice off her

Pepper: Bitch!


Sastre has Pepper pinned against a wall. Pepper is trying not cry

Pepper: Va-t'en! Va-t'en! Va-t'en! Va-t'en!

Sastre: I be nay goin' t' hurt ye… Dasn't worry.

Pepper: Vete a la mierda! Aléjate de mí, pedazo de mierda! Voy a matarte a ti ya papá y yo bailaré sobre tu tumba! Su muerte será un proceso lento y doloroso si me tocas, te puedo asegurar de eso! Así que yo recomendaría y me dejó mierda en paz!

Sastre: Nereheard a girl talk like that….

Pepper:Really? I thought all girls talked like that!

Sastre: Wow, sarcasm, that's orginal.

Pepper: Just how stupid are you?

Sastre: It varies.


Pepper and Anna are in the galley, Pepper is introducing the crew to Anna

Pepper: This is cook, he-

Cook: Not now, boy! I'm a tad busy!

Anna: Boy?

Pepper: The crew sees me a boy. I act enough like one...

Meeting Kagome

Pepper is walking down a street in London when Kagome walks up to her.

Kagome: Excuse me-

Pepper: Go away, I don't know you.

Kagome angrily walks in front of Pepper and stops.

Pepper: What? Don't Speak English? ¡Fuera! Va-t'en! Уходи!

Kagome: You know, they say first impressions last.

Pepper: What the Hell? Do you speak English or not?! Make up your mind woman!

Meeting Alice

Pepper and Anna are in a Spanish prison cell with Alice.

Pepper: ¿Por qué estás aquí? ¿Qué hiciste?

Alice: What?

Pepper: Oh, you speak English... That's good. I asked why you're in here and what you did.

Alice: I steal stuff. What about you two?

Pepper: Piracy. Blackbeard's crew.

Alice: Please don't rape me.

Anna: Don't worry, we're both girls.

So, that's it for now. What do you think?