First Burn

Oh the feeling was exhilarating,
Exciting and tormenting, if not overwhelming
First burn, first mark of a blissful shove
First fall, first dive into the hands of young love

At first it was a simple nudge
It was barely noticed, barely touched
Yet it sat there, a wire brought to life
Glinting subtly in the darkness, a hidden knife

And then a flash of bright scarlet
The wire sparked a quick torch red
Too fast, it seemed, the unexpected twist
That the case was forgotten and easily dismissed

Days passed, the wire was cooling down
In a feat of ignorance, it was left to drown
But as it resurfaced, it burst into flames
Ignited by a different fire that cannot be merely tamed

Confusion slithered its way like a stealthy snake
Creeping up into her soul, leaving anguish in its wake
Alas she was lost, imprisoned by the blaze
Her resolve melted and so began her craze

The fire burned bright through dusks and dawns
Upon which a wave of emotion quickly respawns
These days were filled with bewilderment and delight
As the suffocating darkness was brought into the light

Yet too soon did the flames die
Leaving her empty with an unsaid goodbye
A cruel mistake in that leap of faith
She wondered how to trust in the shadow of love's wraith

Most likely abandoned was the underlying harm
Cloaked by temptation and irresistible charm
The blade glimmered close by
A reminder of how she had come to cry

She was scathed with burns that ran through her being
Remembering the euphoria that enraptured her feelings
Lost once again, her tears drowned her into oblivion
Young love had driven her into affliction