Title: Oneshots of Bittersweet of Life.
Pairing: OC x OC

Chapter One: Darks That Follows

Summary: A woman grieve over her dead husband.
Contain: Character Death/ One Sided Love/ Angst / Revenge

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I simply would not let your death go in vain my love. You was truly the smart man and a loving husband; despite you gave me the cold shoulder all the time. I know I wasn't good enough to your loving wife. I was merely a mock of your shadow. I'm not that a genius,

Of course I am a genius but not like you my love. You deserved better than someone whom is disgusted looking woman. I don't understand why you picked me to be your loving wife? I wish I could ask you that my lord.

I hid in your shadow before we was recruited by our loving lord Shu. He's an innocent male who want a world of peace between the clan... I thought it was foolish until you died my love.

You died by that fiend hands. He cornered you on purpose to slay you where you held the winds. He beheaded you and took your head as a trophy. He mocked me on the battlefield that he slay the mighty stargist. His eyes were colder than yours my love. My morale was already low but I couldn't let him have his way as I was enraged by his dishonor actions. I almost killed him until one of his comrades saved him.

As I watched your headless body bleed. I couldn't help myself to cry nor smile. It felt like another part of me was lifted up from the world. I didn't understand why it felt this way.

I was supposed to be feeling dead but it was the opposite of how I was feeling. It felt good to be alive again.

I missed your charms and your peaceful smile. I was grateful of Wei of sending your head back and even gave me the money to buy a grave for you. I could tell that he wasn't heartless tyranny that the rumors claim him to be.

But I will take my revenge of his trusted bodyguard and general. I will take slay him and his family. I'll show him how I felt when you was died. Even it will take me a long time to do. I don't mind since I'll shall serve the Shu Clan for the rest of my remaining of this life.

As a woman with dark complexion with the most stunning dark red eyes. With her wild curly maroon hair color simmering against the sunset. As she slowly got up from her seat and brush the dirt off her clothing. She bow gracefully at her husband grave as she picked up her stunning fighting staff from the ground.

The woman was a beautiful woman with charming appearance. Her husband was happy that he was married to her but he could not love her since he knew his time was coming.