Hey, why do you call me?

Hey, do I know you?

Hey, who are you again?

Hey! Hey!

Can't you hear me?

Can't I get through?

Hey, I'll give you some advice

Hey, let me call you back

Hey, wear that thing I like

Hey! Hey!

I'm sorry you miss me

I'm sorry you need me

Hey, what the fuck is your problem?

Hey, get off of my back

Hey, I'll be home around 7

Hey! Hey!

I got something to say

Why don't you come over?

Hey, do you think I care?

Hey, don't think I do

Hey, can't you do it yourself?

Hey! Hey!

Don't say what you want to say

I'm hanging up the phone, you fucking whore!

Fuck it, I need sleep

And fuck you too

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck


Silence is golden…