Your skin is sweet, milky frost

Licked upon the morning snow

Drops of honey flowing through

Scatter the leaves that never grow

Your lips are fresh morning dew

Pressed against mine like soft grass

Bending at the stalk, never breaking

Eyes staring into the depths of my past

Yet, I've never touched you my love

Never whispered your name

In the morning, when life's boring

And the days are all the same

It all blends together, like the ones before

I find myself wishing to touch you

Wishing I could say the things that would

Make the images in my dreams true

The snow, oh the snow, she doesn't know

She never knew the thoughts that consume

My days are dark, My nights spent alone

My vital signs fading, were once immune

Yet her face is still haunting me in dreams

I wake from my sleep alone and hollow

My head is burning hot while my pillow lies cold

We've come to the very last step at the end of our road