The road we are on is winding and long

It split in the middle when all went wrong

I went down the path that goes off to the east

You stayed on the west as our union ceased

How did we get here?

Where did you go?

How did we get here?

Where? I don't know

The road goes on and on for many miles

It's been too many nights without any smiles

I don't hear laughter and nobody says hello

It's only creepy moans and hollow bellows

How did we get here?

Where do I go?

How did we get here?

On the road of woe

Your road is seperate from where mine leads

A road that has many rivers which only bleed

A thicket of brushfire and old dying tree

Are your only companions that you can see

You make your way further and there is an elf

A little grin of mischief appears on his self

You make your way to where he plays with gold

He'll tell you a secret if you make a deal so bold

Give me you soul and I'll give you great wealth

I'll give you the world and unfailable health

All I ask of you is to choose between these two things

Will you choose to bear this scar or don these angel wings?

How did you get here?

Where did he go?

How did you get here?

Watching blood flow

I made my way over devils peak and beyond

I'm nearly dehydrated until I spot this pond

The water is filthy and not fit to drink

I'm stilling pushing death beyond the brink

My journey has been a long and arduous one

I have begged the night not to swallow the sun

Please give me more time to see my way

When darkness falls, the predators are prey

I lie alone in the dark afraid to fall asleep

Afraid if I do, what I fear the most will creep

Into to my head and make waste to my dreams

Rip them apart and replace them with screams

How did I get here?

Where did I go?

How did I get here?

Dead on the road