My blackened eyes see nothing at all

My broken skin can only crawl

I let you touch me there again

Let me inside and taste my sin

Don't let it go away this time

Nothing is safe, you're so unkind

Battered face and swollen jaw

Eat your food through a straw

Don't tell me what I want to hear

Like the wind, you disappear

Without a word, make your way in the night

To the other side where I'll be waiting with a knife

You won't have to worry, this won't take long

My will is weak, but my rage is strong

I cut out the part of you I like

Give the rest to crows with much delight

They feed upon your bloodied soul

You're not the one that's in control

I'll take this with me as a scar

I start to walk but don't get far

I turn around and throw it back to you

I'm coming home, we're not through

When the dogs come and smell for you

You know who will be there? Guess who…