Carnivorous, flesh eating parasite
Broken skin turned black with light
Frozen membranes leaking blood
Every orifice leaks you touch

Let me drip dry, peel back the skin
Set me on fire and start to grin
Lick my wounds with salty tongue
Drink the sweat, spit out the crust

How's it taste now that I've decayed?
Taste the part of the heart you once stayed
Tell me if the taste still remains
Every part of you leaves a stain

Dig into me like you always do
Make me believe your lies are true
Help me to see with blood soaked eyes
This is the part where one of us dies

Give in to temptation and accept your fate
My will is gone in this weakened state
You killed the only part I knew
The rest was beaten black and blue

Left for dead with ravaged bones
Piercing screams and haunting moans
Your laughter echoes and then disappears
How can you kill what wasn't here?