Another sad one shot. Inspired by Kim Jong kook's song all men are like that. I loved the music video and it inspired most of this one shot! Enjoy!

I took a risk when I said yes to him. I knew Kei ever since we were little and he always seemed to be the type to discard something once he had gotten bored. I knew that if he got bored of us he would throw me away as well. At the time it didn't matter, because I couldn't live without him. He was my rock and my best friend. I loved him with all my heart.

I noticed his discarding habit first when we were 7. It was at his birthday party and he had just been given a toy car. It was shiny it was red and it was the car of every young boy's dreams. He loved that car and spent every waking moment possible playing with it. He didn't even let me touch it. Things changed when a month later his mother gave him the newest toy car. It was exactly the same as the red one in size and shape the only difference was that it was blue. Just like that wonderful memories of playing and fond moments were thrown out the door. Suddenly the old more memorable toy didn't matter. I dismissed this because I was naive I was only 7 and i saw people playing with new toys regularly that I didn't think nothing of it.

When we were 13 I got him a camera because he said that he loved photography. He loved the camera more than the toy car and it made me happy when he used it. He had taken so many pictures of me as we grew older and brought it to school to show off to his friends. I didn't think nothing of it when he purchased a new camera years later. He claimed that his new one was only to be used for his professional portfolio for collage. I believed him for a while but after a few months he never picked up the camera I gave him, he didn't even mention it when I asked if he used it.

By the time we were 20 he had given up on finding love. He said that he would never find the right girl because they all were the same. When we first got together I thought we would last. We'd be each other's last. I knew more about him than anyone and we had grown up together. People often said we were the perfect couple.

They were wrong. As months past and eventually our first year together I had found myself starting to be discarded like the rest of his precious treasures. He often stayed out late and came back smelling of perfume. I picked up the clues and pieced them together. I was just like the rest of them.

"You were my heart. But now I feel burdened when you say I'm the love of your life." His words like knives as he spoke to me over the phone. I cried that night before leaving our shared apartment. Just like the red car and the camera I had been discarded.

I guess all men are like that. They need the thrill of the hunt and once the chase is over, so ends the spark of love. It cools as diminishes until finally like a candle lit fire, it gets blown out.

How was it? If you liked it let me know! What should i write about for my next one shot? Any ideas? Chibchilla out!