What do you call two no longer one?

The weight of the relationship felt like a ton

A chess match in whom neither side won

A breakup that burnt as hot as the sun

How can you regain your trust in me?

A secret I wish you would share with thee

I try to get close but you always flee

Why can't you be the woman I want you to be?

I see your face inside of my head

So hard in the morning to roll out of bed

Loathing the sunshine, by night time I'm dead

Put a gun in my mouth, stain the carpet red

I'll obey your wishes until you come correct

And admit that sometimes we do connect

I doubt that on you it has any effect

So why on the past must I always reflect?

Even after you left and I moved away

Feelings for you as a friend still stay

And I hang on every word that you say

Now I am tired, down I must lay

I can see my breath, the end draws near

I look at the bottom of an empty beer

I think of you and then drop a tear

My life stands before me with you in the rear