Chapter 1

Coroni Meets his match

Coroni's POV

"Hello new recruits, I am General Reuben Bunnicus. I call all of you here today to reignite the war on Humanity our forefathers began." General Bunnicus continued to talk as I stood in a corner watching from afar,

Who are you? You are probably asking at this point correct?

I am Coroni the twin brother of the most evil rabbit that ever lived, and that rabbit was poisoning the minds of these young recruits. I can't stand my brother, he has always been like this. After the last revolution fell through he journeyed to California to join this rebellion. I followed to make sure no one else would have to suffer his wrath.

In my right paw I held a small remote, it was wired to the bomb I hid under the stage. Right under where the esteemed General stood. I pointed it at the stage and got ready to hit the detination switch when someone snatched it from me.

Nipha's POV

I had just found a strange Pink, Blue, and purple rabbit hiding behind the wall. He was facing the stage with a remote in hand, he was going to set off a small bomb from the looks of it.

"What are you doing?" I asked eyeing the rabbit. He immediately went on the deffensive.

"Uhhhh... Making sure the lights are set correctly." He said nervously, I shook my head and sighed.

"I'll show you how to blow up the stage, silly rabbit." I said pointing Coroni's remote at the stage. I pressed the red button and watched as a small explosion sent the General feet in the air. He squeeked loudly as he landed back on his feet.

General Bunnicus's POV

I stood there dumbfounded, who just blew up MY stage? Who took MY spotlight? Someone would pay for this, with their life, may I add.

"General Bunnicus you sure do know how to start the show." I heard as an elder rabbit walked up from behind me.

"Commander Rin, I didn't do this." I defended, my blood boiled, Commander Rin was not a fit leader. One day, one day soon I'd be base Commander.

"Fine, General Shannon! Go and find who caused that mini explosion." The Commander told the Young Female rabbit stading in front of the recruits.

"Yessir!" She had anwsered quickly hopping away.

Coroni's POV

"Come we need to get out of here!" I told the baby blue Rabbit next to me, She had a few pink spots as well.

"I have an idea, come with me Coroni." She said, I followed her confused, How did she know my name?

"How did you know my name?" I asked as we entered a room filled with fur paint cans.

"General Bunnicus has your picture all over the base. Your number one on his most wanted list. I'm Nipha by the way." Thr rabbit said handing me black paint and white paint.

"You can stay if paint your coat, you can stay and help me crush his Cotton Tailed Kiester." Nipha said winking at me.

I stood there as she painted me black with white spots on my face, I was entraned by her, so kind and relateable.

After we were finished painting my fur we got in line with the other recruits, General Bunnicus was showing them their beds. Soon Nipha and myself were the only two left with the General.

"It seems were short two beds the barracks, You two come with me." He said hopping forward to the other side of the base, we followed him cautiously.

"This is the Hutch, it was once used as the prisoner Hold. It'll have to do for now however." General Bunnicus said leaving Nipha and Coroni alone.

"It's a really shabby room, but it will have to do. Training begins tomarrow, how will we sabotage it?" Nipha asked.

"I have a few ideas." I anwsered whispering in her ear. Nipha then looked at me mischeviously.

"Good idea!" She said