Chapter 2

The First Sabotage

General Shannon's POV

I watched the rabbits file into the room infront of me. For most pf them it was their first training session.

"Alright troops, everyone grab a lazer and go to a target." I said to them, I looked over at A black rabbit with white spots, he seemed too ready to go. He already had his laser set and ready to go. I would be impressed if I had emotion. General Bunnicus taught us having emotion makes you weak, he forced us into his beliefs. I helped the recruits posistion their sights and lasers correctly then steeped to the over head viewing platform.

"Alright everyone, fire at will." I told them. I saw them pull the triger on each of their lasers, However what came out surprised me, white flags popped out of each laser.

"Alright who is the wise rabbit?" I asked staring all of them down, no one flinched, picking out the culprit required more force. I went to turn on my communicator.

"General Bunnicus we have a problem in the training room, can you please come?" I asked and jumped when General Bunnicus's angered voice came on.

"It better be a good reason!" He grumbled hanging up on me.

General Bunnicus's POV

I walked into the training room, I immediately saw what was wrong, all the lasers were sabotaged.

"General Shannon if no one has spoken up about where the responsibility for this lays make them do the Grand slam before lunch." I said leaving the room to find the real lasers, thinking I would need them.

General Shannon's POV

"You heard him troops! 25 Bunny jacks, 25 Bunny squats, 25 pushups, and 25 sit ups! Get on it!" I called as everyone started the excersizes. Soon there were only three left doing them. A blue rabbit with Pink spots (Nipha), That black rabbit with white spots (Coroni), and The Officer Toko. Everyone else stopped halway through or earlier.

Coroni finished before Nipha and sighed, like he had done nothing. He didn't seem tired. Nipha was next, I called them over. Toko had just started his final set.

"Good job you two, no one has ever beat Toko before. Except General Bunnicus. What are your names?" I questioned.

"I'm Nipha and this is Coro.. Cory!" Nipha said, she had either slipped up on something important or she temporarily forgot her friends name. Either way I nodded.

"Nice to meet you two, go on ahead to the mess hall." I said then stood there and watched them go, those two were something else.

Toko's POV

I watched Nipha and Cory leave. They finished before me? How was that possible? All these Questions ran through my head, I didn't even notice that I had stopped doing my excercises.

"Toko finish up!" General Shannon commanded me. I didn't flinch, but I did go back to my excersises. No need for un needed wrath.