Chapter 3

Coroni's worst fear realized

Coroni's POV:

I sat in the mess hall with Nipha eating lunch, calmly waiting for the second prank of the day to take place.

Then the sound of a loud fart filled through the cafeteria, soon everyone was crackling up. Commander Rin got up from his seat and picked up the Woopie Cushion that he had sat on. It had Reuben's last name on it.

"Okay General What is your whoopee cushion doing under my but?" I heard Commander Rin ask my brother in an angry voice.

"Commander Rin, I am not responsible for this." My brother said standing up reaching for his holster, For his laser.

"General Bunnicus, that's what is written on this whoopee Cushion." I then saw the General take out his laser and aim at the Commander, who edged back in fear.

"That's Commander Bunnicus to you. Not that it matters, as you are about to die anyway." I then looked at Nipha.

"Reuben is the best shot I know, he will not miss." I said as Nipha looked away from the scene. She buried her face in my side fur.

"Tell me when its over." I heard her say before my brother managed to shoot Commander Rin right in between the eyes. The medics rushed to the Commander, however it was too late for him, he was dead…

General Bunnicus' POV

I watched as the medics rushed to the dead Commander and laughed evilly, I stood on the table on my hind legs. I cleared my throat to get all the pathetic recruit's attention.

"Now everyone, we all know the rule. The rabbit who kills the leader, becomes the leader." I said before noticing a glint from a laser, I barely dodged the blast.

"Who was that?!" I asked growling.

No answer…

"Fine then, everyone tomorrow will begin the real training, any rabbit pulling pranks will be treated as a traitor and will be executed." I said as a gasp went throughout the room. I was going to greatly enjoy this