Set my soul on fire

Until nothing remains but shit

Open the ground so I may retire

Cover my casket with limestone and brick

The haze ensues blindly over my grave

There you stand with a picture of me

Reading the inscription, A soul we couldnt save

The bottom of the tombstone reads, For all eternity

I exit the grave not in mortal form

A ghastly figure not at all alive

I hover above you waiting for the storm

Of emotions to tear you up from the inside

Instead I get a stone clad woman with iron cheeks

I expected something more than this display

Not a sigh, not a sniffle, a tear never leaks

From those beautiful eyes, I look in dismay

My soul has unfinished business with you

But you finished the final chapter in our book

I started to think of all you put me through

My anger grew hot as the earth shook

Seeing this sight you started to quiver

My cold dead hand reaches up through the crack

It grabs your leg that starts to shiver

I took all that bad shit youve done back

Now youre not so bad to be around

Will you be my casket whore?

As you lie by my side in the ground

Youre the dead woman that I will always adore