My grey digital clock read 5:14 in the morning. I knew then that my 'kind' insomnia was not letting me get to sleep any time soon. My mate would not be happy with me keeping him up. I could feel his anger and fatigue on his side of the bond. It had its downfalls being mated with a wolf.

I huffed, correction. It down right sucked being mated with a werewolf. Especially one half way across the world visiting family. It made me feel guilty just thinking about it all.

"Abell, you jerk," I whisper aloud. "Making me feel lonely and guilty. It's your own fault!"

I could practically hear him snicker. I closed my eyes and began to imagine my lover. With his barking laughter, long inky hair, silver steely cold eyes. Tall and gorgeous usually standing tall with his loose braid trailing behind him. He was so prideful.

I shivered at the thought and blushed in shame. I could feel the amusement radiating off our new bond from my arousal and embarrassment. I sighed and shook my head from side to side trying not to think too much about it. I got some clothes from my dresser next to my bed.

I clawed my hands through my short sandy blond hair. Making sure to take my thick rimmed glasses off my blue eyes before shuffling to the bathroom. I knew this was going to be a long cold shower.