Once in awhile someone just gets to you

Makes you question everything you ever been through

Opens your mind and changes your view

In my case, that someone is you

I didn't know that everything I thought was lie

I didn't know you were the reason why

I never wanted to get to know anyone like you

You make all the lies my eyes tell true

I don't see without the light you shine

But still, I know you will never be mine

One look from you and I knew

The first day I'm yours, the rest I am through

It can never be a match made

I want it, I need it, it is you I crave

But you are the queen and I your slave

Beneath you until the day I lay in my grave

Don't say anything, Just hear me

I don't know why you fear me

Hesitate whenever you are near me

Don't worry girl, you're clear of me