I am everything, I give you life

Warm as butter across a knife

I flow from your body a steady stream

Close me off and wake in dreams

Cut me open and watch me pour

Cry for attention you fucking whore

Boiling heat, Acid rain

Sell my soul, Rot my brain

Break my will until I crack

Snap your neck, Hear me laugh

Laughter echoes deep inside

Found a gun, Run and hide

Take an aim, Pull it quick

Colon cancer got me sick

Throwing up untold words

Regurgitating shit for birds

Fading fast into the shadows

Will is weak, But that's how that goes

I've got nothing left but a memory

Still choking on my own apathy

I sink into my own abyss

Sweet ammonia, Sacred piss

Give me your wings, Set me free

A Phoenix in Flames Eternity