Once, in a distant land and a time long since passed, there lived a young woman who had a very dear friend. To her, this person was the most important in the world, and in this person she believed she had found her soul mate. But the person had many other friends, and would talk to them and laugh with them as often as they would talk and laugh with her, or so it seemed to the woman. Still, she and her friend did many things together, and she could live with the other people being around as long as she knew that she and her friend would never be parted. But slowly the person began to show signs of restlessness, and one day announced that they would be leaving to travel the world. The woman pretended to be glad for her friend, but in her heart she felt a great rift opening. She could not go with that person, though she secretly wished to, because her duties and her own fears held her back. The person assured her that they would be back to visit frequently, and so she had to content herself with that.

At first, it was not as bad as she had feared. Her friend would send her letters while they were away, and returned frequently to tell her stories of their adventures, and of the people they had met and journeyed with. She laughed and exclaimed over the tales, and was truly glad to hear them, though a part of her was jealous of the fascinating places her friend was seeing, and of the new friends they were making. For in her mind, every time that person made a new friend, they were sharing another tiny piece of their soul with someone, and she feared that with time, there would no longer be enough of her friend's soul to share with her. Finally, after her friend's most recent departure, she decided that the next time that person came back she would ask them to take her with them on their adventures. For, during the long times apart, she had come to the realization that the best way to win her friend's love and trust would be to share with them what they loved best to do.

And so she waited for that person's return. Many months passed, and then a year, and then more, until her friend had been away for far longer than usual. More time passed, and the woman felt the first tiny hints of despair. That person would never come back for her. They had found a place much more to their liking, and never wanted to return to their boring old home town, and to her. They had never truly cared for her. So ran her thoughts, over and over again, until she had convinced herself of their truth. Slowly she sank into her loneliness and bitterness, letting it twist her soul, until the twisting could be seen even on the outside, and she became a demon.

She fled her town and her family, and ran out into the countryside. Her sorrow and despair soon transformed into anger, and she began to attack travellers she encountered out on the road. She would leave them, bruised and bloody, in the ditches by the track, where they were sooner or later found by others, and taken in to be nursed back to health. These travellers told the tale of the vicious she-monster who had attacked them, all while crying tears from her crimson eyes. The stories spread, and fewer and fewer people travelled alone, either by day or by night, for she would attack at any time. Even though she never killed a soul, still the people were deeply afraid, and the woman knew this, but felt no guilt for what she did, so deep was her soul buried.

This went on for several years, until one day, a person came along the track by themselves, a thing she had not seen for a long time now. As she approached, a small part of her mind recognized the person, and as she dashed up to attack, that part of her checked her rage and cut her short. Her friend, for it was they, turned and looked, and recognized her at once despite her demonic appearance. They called her name, and her sanity slowly came back to her. What happened to you? asked her friend. You never came back, she replied. They said, I got lost. I am sorry. I never knew that I meant so much to you. And her friend took her in their arms, and whispered, I have always loved you. But I had to live my own life, and you couldn't come with me. I am so, so sorry. And those words finally broke down all the walls of painful emotions that had been wrapped in her heart for so long, and she let loose a great sob, I am sorry too. For not telling you, and for not going with you. Soon the tears were pouring down her face, and they were holding each other and crying together.

Everything was forgiven in the face of their reunion. And though the woman could not change that she was a demon, her friend loved her anyway, and accepted her. They did not return to their hometown, and instead went far away, and her friend showed her all the things they had seen before, and they both explored new places. The two of them made many friends together, but they always made sure that each kept a certain part of their soul reserved for the other. And so they did indeed live happily ever after as soul mates until and beyond the end of their days.