Chapter One:

I am not a bad kid but I seriously wanted to murder the teacher. She was looking at us with pitiless eyes that seemed to stare into our soul. It was scary. I didn't even know why I was here. I mean blame me for everything. I've been threatened twice for expulsion and given so many detentions to the point where I didn't even want to keep track. And no, I'm not one of those kids who says he or she is innocent when he or she actually did the crime. I'm an actual angel so they say.

The only reason why I get into these messes is sitting right next to me grinning from ear to ear. Dimitri Jake Fox. I loathed him. I loathed him for two, very clear reasons.

One: I knew him since preschool.

Two: I knew him since preschool.

I knew Dimitri Jake Fox since preschool. I'm not going to even bother calling him the name he wants to hear because I hate him that much.

I tried to be friends with him when I was little because I was a sociable kid but my efforts were futile. I cried for two hours on my mom's shoulder because I couldn't figure out why he didn't like me. I mean c'mon, who doesn't get full of themselves when every giant around you pinches your cheeks and say's you're cute? After that though our conversations were blunt and short.

I almost moved away once due to my dad's job. You could see the happiness radiating off of me when my dad proposed it. I was in middle school when he suggested it. Dimitri Jake Fox was getting ISS almost every day and he was using me as a shield, most of the times it didn't work so I got ISS as well. But then my mom had to say that she just got a raise.

It turned into a routine bad habit. I got shit down my throat from my parents all the time. I'm barely on any electronics because of it. It's a win-win for him and lose-lose for me. It's like he established his life to make mine miserable.

This little angel has a tainted record and that little- er –big demon has a trophy shelf that is filled with shiny medals.

"I assume," Mrs. Pratt said, "that you two were in charge of this little fiasco as well?"

"Yes sir, I mean ma'am." Dimitri Jake Fox said. I glared at daggers at him.

"Actually miss," I interjected, "as many of my other cases I pleaded guilty on I propose the same argument. I had nothing to do with whatever the fagot planned." This however, was not humorous to her.

"Whatever you say Miss Wallflower." Oh, yeah. Did I mention he also teases me about my name? It's no joke that my last name is Wallflower. Gram says that I have a lovely name, 'Miss Elizabeth Wallflower' she'd say. "Although I still need to enforce a punishment." Like all those other times. Great.

"What would that be?" Mr. Mouthy said.

"Indeed." Mrs. Pratt inquired. "What would that be?" Again I glared at him. Like all those other times.

"Personally," I said for the millionth time, "I don't think I need to be punished. My friend here was the one who actually did it. I-"

"I don't need to hear it Eliza." She said. "You'll do community service." No. There is no way I'm doing community service. Community service in her terms was helping out the SCA and doing fundraisers and stuff. If you know me, I hate those things. I mean I'm not cruel, I donate at least two bucks to the Salvation Army every year but I do not do school fundraisers. Buncha money grubbers if ya ask meh.


"No buts." She said then left the room in a hurry her high heels clacking against the marble. I turned towards Dimitri Jake Fox.

"I hate you!" I hissed.

"One hundred and fifty times now to be exact." I glared at the back of his head as we headed out the door. I glanced at the clock and we still had five minutes left before the final bell. I dreaded this day. Today was supposed to be the day Erin, my best friend asked out Ruis, the class clown. Today I was supposed to raise my average grade to an A+. Today was supposed to be the day where I went dress shopping with my mom for the Winter Formal. Instead I got two hours of working with the SCA and Dimitri Jake Fox in the courtyard gardening. I returned to math with the usual don't-talk-to-me-or-I'll-kill-you bored expression I always had.

"Jake caught your tongue again?" Brooke whispered.

"Guess you can say that." I said slightly snorting.

Tending roses hurts. Never tended a rosebush? Take it from me. Never do it. It hurts. "Having fun princess?" Dimitri Jake Fox asked looking at the tiny slits I had on my hands from the thorns snagging me.

"Are you?" I countered. Princess? Psh.

"Lots." He said. I rolled my eyes and stared at the bush.

"Hand me the cutters would you?" I held out my hand for them. He gave them but the blade hit my hand drawing blood. I glared daggers at him.

"Damn you Dimitri!" I nearly screamed. There was a slight hissing noise coming from the bush. Dimitri was smiling until he heard it.

"Princesssss." It hissed. "Royal blooood." Something jumped out of the rose bush. It was small. It was colored maroon and black and its eyes were in golden slits. Claws erupted from its hands like wolverine unsheathed the metal things in his hands. And it lunged at me. Dimitri tensed and pulled something out of his boot.

I felt like I was burning up inside, especially my arm. I looked at my arm to see a pattern suddenly appear on it. Swirling black likes in a circular pattern were ingrained on my arm. It started to freak me out. Then a light flashed.

I looked around to see that the thing wasn't there and the pattern was still on my arm. Dimitri looked dazed for a moment. The other SCA members weren't in the garden and all the flowers were burnt to the crisp, even the roses. I blinked a couple times then I saw Dimitri grinning at me.

"Well what an unwelcomed surprise princess." Then I started to feel woozy. The last thing I felt was something muscular and hard holding me before I passed out.