I wake to a terrible burning sensation in my right wrist. I bring my hand up to my face and notice my bracelet glowing and pulsing like its alive.
Fear takes hold of me. It has begun.

I start to panic, waving my arm back and forth frantically, trying to shake off the pain of the burning. It feels like someone is holding my hand over an open flame.
"Help!" I cry. In response I hear screams coming from my siblings in their bedrooms.
I rush out of my room and down our long hallway. My younger brothers Andrew and Alex rip open their doors as I pass, terror in their eyes, clutching their wrists. Soon, my brothers and sisters are all out of their rooms, and we run to the living room. Our parents enter soon after. They look to all six of us, to the glowing bracelets we wear.
"Calm down, everyone." my father says, trying to get us to settle down. My mother is stunned, staring at us as we stand there, holding our wrists, trying not to scream. We all know what this means.
After about five excruciating minutes, the pain subsides. A little while longer and the bracelets return to their normal, metallic state.

My name is Aria Alpha. I am a descendant of the original Alpha, one of the 24 Ancestors. They lived in ancient Greece. Each of them had unique abilities that normal people would call superhuman and impossible, which have been passed on for centuries to each family of descendants. Alphas ability was the power to shape shift, and become any animal she wished. We develop these powers around the age of 12. When the time comes, the children are supposed to use them to defeat some great evil.
The 24 families were to be separated across the globe until that time came, then the children were to come together and fight it. Five families went to North America, four to South America, four to Europe, four to Asia,four to Africa, and three to Australia.
When my siblings and I were born, we were each given a different colored bracelet, made of a rare metal that doesn't exist anymore. I was given a purple one, Andrew got green, Alex got blue, AellĂ´ got red, Alice got orange, and Anne got yellow. Being Alphas, we were supposed to be leaders when the great evil woke up. We would be warned by the bracelets we wear, when they began to glow. That just happened.
The colors symbolize the continent we must go to. We have to get there by the day after tomorrow, where we have to quickly find the others with the same color bracelets. Our bracelets will glow again when we are close to another descendant. Since I have a purple bracelet, I will stay in North America. My bracelet also has the Greek letter Alpha on it, just like everyone's do, but with their family's letter.

After the bracelets dim, we sit in the living room, unable to go back to sleep. So we spend the night talking about the journey ahead.
"S-s-so, Europe?" Alex stammers. He's only 13, and he's obviously nervous about going off on his own, since our parents can't come with.
"Yep, dude." I say. "We're going on an adventure." I can't help but shiver when I think about that. This will be our last night together before we're sent to search for the others. The thought makes me very nervous.
"Remember, everyone, you may not be blood-related to the others, but you must fight for them like you would for each other." Our father says. His face is grim. The generations before us never went through this. We are the only ones, and no one knows what lies ahead.