Cloud and I have always been friends... Very good friends in fact. We met when we were six, right now we're fourteen.

We've done so many adventures together, like traveling in the woods and pulling pranks on the people in our neighborhood. It was fun... Although all we do now is just talk to each other, smiling, laughing, joking.

Back then, Cloud was only a friend I hung out with everyday. That brave girl that would kill bugs for me, even though I'm a guy. She was only that to me... Now though, I come to notice how beautiful and bright Cloud really is...It makes my stomach feel all weird when I see her too.

That girl... with short messy black hair with green highlights, those beautiful green eyes...I've come to think

I've fallen for her a bit.

We were walking down the street together, down to the park. That's been our hang out since forever, great place to be in fact. The ice cream guy comes over everyday now since it, that's kind of the reason we go there.

"Hey Kei..." Cloud began, "What do you want to do today?"

I stopped walking to think, she stopped next to me.

" I don't know!" I laughed, she puffed out her damn adorable.

"Great...We're just going to the park to sit then." she pouted. I shrugged and then started walking ahead, I could hear her trotting behind me to catch up.

I was starting to get that weird feeling in my, what's it. Butterflies. That's what it felt like...I don't like this feeling.

Once we got to the park, we sat down the swings. They were really old and creaky, no one bothered to even try to fix them. They seemed to still hold some weight on them anyway, so it's all good.

"Kei, you'll always want me to be your friend right?" Cloud said while swinging.

That questions was kind of sudden...but I do want her as my friend. "Yeah." I said beginning to swing.

"A-alright...That's good." Her voice saddened a bit, I wonder why.

It got silent and all you could hear was the swings making that creaking sound. Cloud kept her head down while swinging. I wanted to see her face...her smile.

" Can I ask you something?" I broke the silence finally, " Would you want to go out with me, Cloud?" She stopped and looked at me, her eyes wide and face all red. I felt like I could hear her heart was beating fast.

"W-well-..." She mumbled, I was ready for the reply, but then her swing fell along with her.

I got up quickly to help her up from the ground.

" Y-you okay?"

She looked down and kept blushing. "Yeah..."

I smiled and kissed her forehead.

"Idiot." She finally looked at me straight in the face, that feeling in my stomach again. " I guess I will..."

After than she got on her toes and kissed my cheek, then smiled at me.

I smiled back at her.